Tecnología del Plástico Magazine about PET Technologies innovations for blow molding

A leading Latin American plastics industry magazine Tecnología del Plástico (issue February – March 2019) with 19 000 printed copies publishes an overview of innovations in PET blow molding. The material includes PET Technologies recent development, linear PET stretch blow molder APF-Max.

The article title is Flexibility in Blow Molding Reduces Downtime.

What does the concept consist in?

On the one hand, it is about the variety of preform neck finishes you can use at one machine. No matter if it is 200 ml bottle with neck standard PCO1881 or 3 l bottle with neck diameter 38 mm. On the other hand, once you have purchased 4-cavity modification, you can easily transform it into 8-cavity. The machine output doubles!

What other characteristics are highlighted in the professional magazine Tecnología del Plástico?


Source: Tecnología del Plástico

Issue 1 – Volume 34 (February – March 2019)

Post date. 2-21-2019

PET Technologies presents an automatic preform box loader OKP-400 video

Check out our latest video on automatic preform box loader OKP-400 in operation. OKP-400 is intended for preform bоx loading into blow molding machine preform hopper. This unit can also be used in single-part and serial production in food, chemical and light industry for performs, half-finished products, granules, etc. Movement to the required height and place of destination. OKP-400 technical charachteristics:

  • possesses high load-carrying capacity up то 500 kg;
  • has а remote control panel which can be transferred on the distance up то 2 meters from the device;
  • it is equipped with the cutoff switch that provides operator’s safe work (loader will not be activated if casing doors are open);
  • it doesn’t have any dangerously acting and rotating elements тthat may hurt the operator;
  • all the electric elements are hidden and protected by special casing;
  • the frame is covered with а powder paint which provides а high anticorrosive firmness;
  • special anticorrosive covering forms solid lubricating film which increases greased parts durability;
  • it is easy то operate and requires minimum level of maintenance service;
  • it can be technically reoriented for different types of orientators and hoppers.

Post date. 2-13-2019

Bottle blow molding machine flexibility to reduce downtime

“Blow molding machine flexibility to reduce downtime”, this is the title of the article about PET Technologies at Soy Industria magazine. Its geography covers Latin America. The author speaks about the last generation of bottle stretch blow molding machine APF-Max. What does he highlight?

  • Easy change for another neck finish between 18 and 48 mm;
  • Wide range of bottle formats between 0.2 – 3.0 l;
  • Blow mold quick change;
  • Modular concept that permits to increase the number of cavities after machine purchase

These characteristics make the bottle blow molding machine attractive for PET bottles converters; water and CSD, vegetable oil and vinegar, household chemicals and cosmetics, dairy products and sauces manufactures. The first machines are already in full operation in several plants!


Source: SOY INDUSTRIA, February 2019

Post date. 2-11-2019

PET tour 2019

Start of New Year is associated with goals setting and event planning. PET Technologies team has mapped its PET-tour 2019 of upcoming events for the year. We look forward to meeting you!

Get ready for the presentation of innovative developments, new products, latest news, interesting projects and fruitful meetings.

Please welcome PET tour 2019!

We are going on a trip to the world-famous industry exhibitions!


Dairy & Meat Industry Moscow, Russia, February 19 – 22

ExpoPack Guadalajara Guadalajara, Mexico, June 11 – 13

Fispal Tecnologia São Paulo, Brazil, June 25 – 28

Pack EXPO Las Vegas 2019 Las Vegas, USA September 23 – 25

Gulfood Manufacturing Dubai, UAE, October 29 – 31

Brau Beviale Nuremberg, Germany, November 12 – 14

Andina Pack Bogotá, Columbia, November 19 – 22


PET tour 2019

Post date. 1-21-2019

PET Technologies at Latin American digital editions

Mentions of PET Technologies at Latin American mass media are a mirror that reflects the major facts about the company in 2018. They speak about our latest technological developments and achievements, events and projects.

The 4th generation of PET stretch blow molders APF-Max is among the key topics. The machine output is 14 000 bph, 0.2 – 3.0 L. The Brazilian packaging edition Embalagem Marca highlights the European technology that has recently arrived to Brazil. The full article is available following the link.

This May PET Technologies has participated at NPE2018 in Orlando, the United States. We exhibited there automatic PET stretch blow molding machine APF-3002 that had already been sold to the customer in Arizona. What are the highlights of digital mass media?

Latin American industry edition Tecnología del Plástico explains why this machine with output 3000 bph is so popular among food and beverages, dairy products and vegetable oil, chemicals and cosmetics manufactures. The full article is available following the link.

Plastics Technology Mexico points out the last generation of SBM machines APF-Max we brought to the market. Its flexibility and modular system are the features the edition mentions. You can easily transform 4-cavity modification into 8-cavity! The full article is available following the link.

Original bottles design developed by PET Technologies continues to attract mass media attention. It is a wide neck jar for gravity waterer for our pets. It is a PET bottle that shines as if it were glass. What makes them unique?

Several editions explain it.

Latin American industry edition Ambiente Plástico resumes that the waterer is a fruit of the advanced technology combined with the injected bases. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable. The full article is available following the link.

Food News Latam published an article with the title A Unique Project of PET Technologies and AQUA-PREMIUM Reflects Ukrainian Traditions. What are the elements of PET bottle that have cultural value? The full article is available following the link.

Post date. 12-28-2018

Blow molds production terms guarantee

Is breaking deadlines a problem?

During 2017-2018 PET Technologies has implemented a production and management planning system based on the principles of TOC (Theory of Constraints), which assumes:

  • search of “bottleneck” in the production (CCR – capacity constrained resource)
  • bottleneck efficiency increase
  • strict adherence of color priority system (order non-conflict)
  • continuous improvements process and as a result increase of the production flow

PET Technologies guarantees  blow molds production terms

This allows you to start a new product release as scheduled.

Placing order at PET Technologies company, at your disposal are:

  • production terms of blow molds is guaranteed
  • european quality for a reasonable price
  • our own full production cycle and laboratory tests
  • fast prototyping option
  • our experience of supplying products to 46 countries of the world.

Post date. 12-26-2018

Details that create design

Central American magazine Soy Industria has published an overview of original PET bottles that we developed. The majority of the containers our customers produce at universal PET stretch blow molding machines made by PET Technologies.

The editor highlighted three projects: wide-neck PET jar for Moderna Products nv (the United States), PET bottles for ketchup Chumak and for premium water AQUA-PREMIUM (Ukraine). ¿Why do they attract attention?

Moderna Products nv uses wide-neck jars for gravity waterers for pets. They produce the thick-wall containers at universal PET stretch blow molder UPF-30b.

AQUA-PREMIUM Company now fills water in 500 ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml PET bottles. PET Technologies task was to adapt the existing glass bottle to PET material properties. We successfully carried out the project and now premium segment water is available in PET.

Chumak Company bottles its ketchup in PET containers developed in cooperation with PET Technologies. They manufacture the packaging at universal stretch blow molder UPF-5 and export the product, saturated with Ukrainians sunrays, to Scandinavian countries.


Source: SOY INDUSTRIA, December 2018


Post date. 12-21-2018

Canadian Plastic on PET Technologies

An article named “PET Technologies is making inroads in the U.S.” has been recently published on Canadian Plastic website. It covers PET Technologies expansion in America.

Focus of the publication is a joint project of PET Technologies and MODERNA Products nv company, a manufacturer of pet products – gravity fed water bowl. At the beginning of 2018 universal blowmolding machine UPF-30 was installed at the company’s plant in Gaffney, South Carolina. It is second blow molding machine PET Technologies has exported to the United States, the pioneer was an automatic blowing machine APF-3002 with a productivity of up to 3000 bottles per hour for bottle capacity of 0,2-2 liters, installed at a customer plant in Arizona.

In addition, successful sales of PET Technologies blow molding equipment in Mexico and Canada are noted.

Read the text of an article here.

canadian plastic on pet technologies

Post date. 12-17-2018

12 Grapes to resume the current year and to welcome New Year 2019

In Spain there is a New Year tradition to eat the 12 Grapes of Luck with each bell strike at midnight of December 31. It is time to make your wishes and summarize the year that has passed.

For PET Technologies team it is also time to outline the most important events of the current year and plan the coming one. Let’s recall the key facts together!

12. At the beginning of 2018, PET Technologies explained how we created a PET bottle. We released a detailed video, which reflects each stage: from sketch development to prototyping and laboratory tests. We can watch it now!

11. PET for PETs. It is a summary of the unique project we developed together with Moderna Product nv, the United States. Our task was to develop a 0,5 and 1,0 l wide neck jar for a gravity fed water. Now they are produced at PET Technologies universal blow molder UPF-30b.

10.The first APF-Max blow molder with output 14 000 bph to produce up to 2 l bottles was launched in operation. It is the 4th generation of SMB machines developed by PET Technologies. There are certain features worth to highlight: easy neck change from 18 to 48 mm, NIR heating system, totally electric configuration.

9. PET Technologies released a new product to the market: a machine to pack empty PET bottles in plastic bags BPM-3000 (3000 bph, 0.2 – 2.0 l). This equipment is an excellent complement to PET bottles production line, including APF-3002 blow molder.

8. Traditionally, we have participated at Milk & Dairy 2018, EXPO PACK Mexico 2018, Agroprodmash 2018, Gulfood Manufacturing 2018. We brought our latest developments. In EXPO PACK Mexico and Agroprodmash we exhibited APF-6004 and APF-Max 8 respectively. Both machines already had their final destination: a bottle making plant in Mexico and a dairy plant in Russia.

7. This May PET Technologies had a debut at NPE2018 in Orlando, the United States. The guests of our booth had an opportunity to see and touch APF-3002 blow molding machine.

6. It was in 2018 when the first PET Technologies automatic blow molder was start-up in the Unites States. The customer acquired PET stretch blow molding machine APF-3002 with output 3000 bph to produce 0.2 – 2.0 L. Now the equipment is in full operation in Arizona.

5. This summer PET Technologies geography extended to Brazil. Our customer BluePET launched automatic blow molder APF-30 to produce 20 – 30 l PET kegs from Petainer preform. Why did he choose this machine? Because of the optimal cost-benefit relation, according to BLUE PET.

4. PET Technologies is getting closer to brewing industry in Mexico. For the first time ever we took part at Cerveza Mexico 2018. We brought our solutions for beer manufactures: a complete line to prepare PET kegs for filling.

3. Traditional BrauBeviale 2018 has turned into first public appearance for a complex to prepare PET kegs for filling. We exhibited a sealing and pressurizing unit. Now PET Technologies supplies a complete line from PET SBM machine to keg leak-testing module

2. This autumn PET Technologies has celebrated the 4th International Conference on modern PET industry trends and innovations. Over 50 professionals from 12 countries of the world arrived to the manufacturing facilities in Chernihiv (Ukraine).The key messages the available on our website.

1. We launched a new corporate website! Feel free to follow our news and be among the first to find out where PET TOUR stops next. Now you can easily find equipment that meets your needs or make a virtual tour to the plant!

Year 2018 has almost passed, but good memories and achievements will last.

May this new year accomplish your goals very fast!

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year!

Post date. 12-14-2018

4th International Conference of PET Technologies: where innovations and reliability meet

This autumn PET Technologies celebrated the 4th International Conference on Modern PET industry Trends and Innovations.

Over 50 professionals from 12 countries of Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, Near East participated in the event. There were manufactures of preform and beverages, packaging equipment and filling lines as well as journalists of industry mass media.

Aleksandr Suvorov, General Director of PET Technologies


PET Technologies General Director inaugurated the Conference. He shared historical facts about the city, where the plant is located, as well as several facts about PET Technologies: over 9 000 of m2 of manufacturing facilities, 1 000 installations and 10 000 blow molds. He pointed out that sales geography covers 45 countries of the world. There are 15 service centers in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

Excursion to PET Technologies facilities


Optimal PET bottle creation was among the key issues of the 4th International Conference. Retal and PET Technologies companies shared their experience: the first one as preform manufacture, the latter as SBM machinery developer.

Aliona Muravchenko, Retal company, pointed out that 500 – 1000 ml PET bottle is still a leader terms of sales volume. Attention towards healthy way of life, premium quality and multiple functionalities and custom design determine bottle design. Thus, in the nearest future this trend will change in favor of 300 ml bottle.

Alena Muravchenko of Retal

Aliona Muravcheko, Retal


Head of Blow Molds Department of PET Technologies Sergii Zaleskyy continued the topic of modern trends in PET bottles design development. He highlighted prototyping and laboratory tests as part and parcel to develop a PET bottle with predetermined mechanical characteristics. A customer gets samples of PET bottles before placing the order for blow molds kit production!

Excursion to PET Technologies facilities


Complete filling lines manufactures, Thermo-Pack and Index-6, made speeches about the latest developments for beverage industry and for oil, dairy products producers respectively. Index-6 representative shared the advantages of filling by weight comparing to the screw technology. Thermo-Pack Head of Sales talked about the options to install complete filling lines for water and CSD. Both companies boast life-long friendship with PET Technologies and multiple joint projects.

Reliability as a unique feature of PET Technologies. This is the topic of the speech made by PET Technologies Marketing and Business Development Director Maxim Poliansky. Our key priorities in cooperation with customers is to deliver equipment on time, guarantee its stable operation, and be financially responsible to the customer in case we fail to deliver goods on time.


The speech made by Roland Steurer, PET Technologies GmbH Executive Director, together with Maxim Poliansky turned out to be the culminating point of the event. They presented the 4th generation of PET stretch blow molders APF-Max with output 7 000 – 14 000 bph up to 3 l. Then all the guests strengthened their knowledge in practice: they had excursion to PET Technologies plant. It was a unique opportunity to see the machine in operation.

Presentation of APF-Max 8 at PET Technologies production facilities


APF-Max presentation at 4th International PET Technologies Conference 2018


To celebrate international conferences at PET Technologies manufacturing facilities has become a tradition for us.

Looking forward to the next year, new speakers and new topics!

Post date. 11-25-2018
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