See you at EXPO PACK Mexico 2022!

📌 Stand 624
📆 June 14 – 17, 2022

See you at EXPO PACK Mexico 2022!

This June our PET TOUR stops in Mexico City. It will be there that PET Technologies participates in EXPO PACK Mexico 2022, the largest trade show for the packaging industry in Latin America.

PET Technologies will offer its own innovations to produce PET containers:

  • a wide range of blow molding machines, often characterized with the prefix ECO-;
  • blow molds with surface shining as if it were mirror;
  • environmentally friendly bottle design.

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ECO PET stretch blow molding machines. It is said that the equipment developed by PET Technologies is economical and ecological. The air recovery system implemented in all models allows you to save on the compressed air. The less the compressor works, the less electrical energy consumption it has. The latest generation of APF-Max blowing machines has a double air recovery system!

Lightweight bottles are another global trend. If we compare a generic 1.5L water bottle in 2010 with the same one now, its average weight has dropped from 38g to 26g. PET Technologies customers already blow 500 ml bottles of only 9.5 – 10 g or 10 L bottles of 105 g!

Blow molds shine like glass. The shine of a PET bottle depends on the mold surface: the more, the better. This in turn depends on the technology involved in its manufacturing. Visitors of PET Technologies booth are going to take these molds in hand and see what miracles 5-axis CNC machining centers do.

Do you have several products and bottle them in the similar bottles? PET Technologies helps you customize without investing in an additional mold.

Environmentally friendly bottle designs. One of the global trends, along with bottle light weighting, is the change from PET to rPET. It is important that these friendly containers have the same resistance properties. This is reflected in the projects that PET Technologies has implemented for customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Our guests will see these bottles and be inspired by the original designs for their future projects. PET Technologies will help you implement them!

📌 Stand 624

📆 June 14 – 17, 2022


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