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07 Oct 2020
The PET Technologies online conference brought together industry experts from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Moldova

Every autumn PET Technologies traditionally gathers clients, partners, colleagues and friends of the company to discuss current news, trends and for informal communication.

02 Sep 2020
The first webinars for Europe and the US were held

Participants from more than 20 countries attended webinars organized PET Technologies company – “Modern PET bottles design: The way to increase sales”.

12 Aug 2020
Tradition and manufacturing

More than 50 years, the Naftusya mineral water plant has been delighting its customers with the Truskavetskaya mineral water. This year PET Technologies has also become involved in this production. But first things first…

05 Aug 2020
Mundo PMMI: fruitful cooperation between a Mexican company REMSA and PET Technologies

“EXPO PACK Mexico 2016 exhibition was the scene where the relation started…”, says the author Lílian Robayo. What makes the tandem so attractive?

29 Jul 2020
The 7th PET Technologies blow molder for “Rucheyok”

In June 2020 the next APF-6004 was delivered to Rucheyok company.

25 Jun 2020
PET Technologies conference in a new format

On June 16, the first PET Technologies online conference was held – “A new PET bottle design: a way to increase sales. Containers for sanitizers”

23 Jun 2020
TOP-3 beverages 2020: PET Technologies response

TOP products that popularity is growing day by day. These are excellent candidates to extend your product line and lead your business to the next level.

15 Jun 2020
PET kegs with Chinese spirit: Great Leap Brewing installs APF-30 PET blow molder

Great Leap Brewing has recently incorporated lightweight and non-returnable PET kegs. This is the point where stretch cooperation between PET Technologies, Great Leap Brewing and Petainer started.

09 Jun 2020
PET Technologies at PETplanet Insider market survey of SMB machinery

The survey includes 14 leading SBM machines manufacturers.
The material is released at Issue 6, 2020.

28 May 2020
Design as Art

Suitable, modern and aesthetically pleasing design is able to breathe new life into the product and distinguish it on shelves among competitors.

25 May 2020
A New Design of Automatic Blow Molders APF-6004 and APF-3002: Video

PET Technologies continues to redesign its blow molding equipment and next to semi-automatic blowing machine UPF-5 a new appearance have got machines APF-6004 and APF-3002.
The result is on a video!

15 May 2020
Crisis as a point of growth. How to develop business during the pandemic

The world is in the situation of total uncertainty and none guidebook can help. Customers’ behavior is changing rapidly.
How to grow business during quarantine?

13 May 2020
Complete Milk Bottling Line Video

Watch the video to see how automatic blow molder APF-Max 6 and milk bottling line operate on the “Avida” plant!

12 May 2020
Two Milk Filling Lines – Two Innovations

Two milk filling lines and two innovative automatic blow molders APF-Max is a PET Technologies and the GEO Engineering company project for milk plant in Russia.
Watch a video!

05 May 2020
PET Technologies at PETplanet Insider market survey of SMB molds

PETplanet Insider has published an annual market survey of leading stretch blow molding molds suppliers with the participation of PET Technologies.
The material is released on Issue 5, 2020.

30 Apr 2020
PETplanet Insider about PET Technologies: “The right jar for the right product”

PETplanet Insider (Issue 5/2020) speaks about a wide range of applications for PET Technologies blow molders and highlights the most peculiar and the most common ones.
Two published articles reveal the details.

09 Apr 2020
We work for you

We prepared and took measures to resists an unprecedented challenge for our industry and across the globe. Our service team and local technical staff worldwide reduce equipment downtime risks and ready to assist.

31 Mar 2020
PET Technologies helps to follow WHO hygiene guidelines

Nowadays manufacturing companies must supply food and beverages, household chemicals and sanitizers without any delay while the demand is increasing. How can PET Technologies help you?

24 Mar 2020
Design as a way to success

PET Technologies pays special attention to packaging design. Once the design changed, according to our customers, sales increase, while packaging weight reduced. How do we create a new bottle? You will find the answer below.

18 Mar 2020
PET Packaging Design as an element of your success: summary of the conference

It has become a good tradition for PET Technologies to meet guests twice a year at its events. On February 28, the company pleased its partners and customers with a conference dedicated to blow molds and design.

03 Mar 2020
PETplanet Insider about a craft beer PET bottle developed by PET Technologies

PETplanet Insider (Issue 3/2020) has published an overview of fruitful cooperation between PET Technologies and Bierwelle brewery: a PET bottle for craft beer shining as if it were glass.
Why is the fruit so attractive?

24 Feb 2020
PET Technologies helps Rez-Tech to blow mold PET jars

Do you know what types of PET jars exist? Rez-Tech Corporation with 30 years of experience in the field has an answer and produces the jars with the help of automatic PET stretch blow molder APF-10 made by PET Technologies.

12 Feb 2020
New horizons for PET Technologies: East and West

Despite the differences, there are some visions that western and eastern specialists have in common when choosing solutions for the production of PET containers. The key priorities are reliability and simplicity. This opens new horizons for PET Technologies equipment.

10 Feb 2020
Dairy Tech 2020

PET Technologies will participate in the 18th International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for dairy products “Dairy Tech 2020” that will be held from February 18 to 21, 2020 at the international exhibition complex Crocus Expo, Moscow.

27 Jan 2020
Zlagoda follows dairy packaging trends

Transparent and ergonomic. Convenient family size with a simple label. These images appear when we look at the Zlagoda milk bottle. Let´s see the major packaging trends that the bottle reflects!

20 Jan 2020
Year 2019 for PET Technologies:
people, events, achievements

Connection and community marked the year 2019 for PET Technologies. All the achievements are thanks to our team worldwide, thanks to each customer, each partner, and each supplier!

08 Jan 2020
5th International Conference of PET Technologies in the magazine WORLD OF PACKAGING

An article on the 5th International PET Technologies Conference published in the 5th issue of the packaging industry magazine World of Packaging. Read below how the conference and PET Technologies manufacturing plant impressed guests

16 Dec 2019
Newsletter №6

PET Technologies 20th anniversary celebration and the conference on packaging development trends. These and other are the key points of the 6th edition of PET Technologies Newsletter.

11 Dec 2019
Semi automatic blow molding machine UPF-30 for PET kegs and watercoolers 10-40l

Semi-automatic PET blow molder UPF-30 (60-80 bph, 10-40l) was designed to produce small quantities of PET kegs or PET watercooler bottles and wide neck jars. Find out all the details in video!

27 Nov 2019
A rare PET bottle for craft beer

The details of a new project implemented in cooperation with brewery Bierwelle and its result: the elegant, ergonomic and strong plastic bottle

20 Nov 2019
PET Technologies in Issue 11 of PETplanet Insider

The article entitled “13 countries in 2 days” was published in the latest issue of the world-famous PET industry magazine, PETplanet Insider. Pages 48-49 dedicated to the 5th International PET Technologies Conference that was held on October 4-5

15 Nov 2019
Packaging Strategies publishes an overview of our “success story” in Suriname

Packaging Strategies in its recent article highlights the main steps of PET Technologies project in Suriname

13 Nov 2019
As if show jumping: automatic PET stretch blow molders

PET bottles stretch blow molding and equestrian events. At first sight, it seems like compare apples to oranges. Let’s watch our new video and find something in common!

06 Nov 2019
Modern trends of PET industry market

For the fifth time we met our customers and partners at the annual PET Technologies International Conference. Let’s take a look at how it was!

22 Oct 2019
PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019: Flashback

This September 23 – 25 PET Technologies has crossed the Atlantic Ocean once more to participate at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019. Simplicity turned out to be the core characteristic our customers attributed to the products we brought. More details below!

23 Sep 2019
Our customer from Mexico shares his experience about PET Technologies

Envases BH (Mexico) has installed automatic PET stretch blow molder APF-3002 and empty bottles packaging machine BPM-3000

18 Sep 2019
Feel PET Technologies

Watch the video and find out more about the inner side of the PET Technologies company

28 Aug 2019
See you at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019!

This September PET Technologies stops at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019. We will bring machinery, blow molds, various PET bottles and solutions for brewing industry

21 Aug 2019
Kyrgyz national recipes packed in PET packaging

“Shoro” company is a leader in the soft drinks market of Kyrgyzstan, which has long won the trust of consumers. PET Technologies has been working with Shoro company for decade and recently launched the new project

19 Aug 2019
PET Technologies continues to gain popularity in the Latin American press

The media of the PET industry continues to cheer its readers with news about the projects implemented by PET Technologies. Now we are talking about the project with the company Clasmade, Arizona, USA. UU. The client produces the PET glasses with help of automatic PET stretch blow molding machine APF-3002

12 Aug 2019
This autumn PET Technologies team is heading to 3 continents

The second half of 2019 PET tour is going to be full of events for PET Technologies. This autumn we will meet our clients and partners at 3 international exhibitions in the USA, Russia, and the UAE

31 Jul 2019
PET Technologies at Fispal Tecnologia 2019: newcomers with local reference

PET stretch blow molder APF-Max decorating the walls of the booth and PET keg at showcase. PET Technologies team attending visitors from the whole Latin America. Negotiations, discussions, questions and answers. This is the environment at PET Technologies booth during Fispal Tecnologia 2019 (Sao Paulo, Brazil). 

26 Jul 2019
Canadian Plastic about Waiakea project

An article «PET Technologies says aloha to Hawaiian water bottler” was published in Canadian Plastic

24 Jul 2019
PET Technologies at EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019: summary

This June PET Technologies has come back to the capital of state of Jalisco (Mexico): we participated at specialized packaging show EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019

17 Jul 2019
20 years of success: PET Technologies celebrate its anniversary

20 years of success – motto that unites PET Technologies goals and grand path it has already completed. Our every single employee, partner and customer, who contributes to the common cause, is an integral part of success.

16 Jul 2019
Plastic news on PET Technologies

Leading North American magazine Plastics News published on its website an article about PET Technologies cooperation with the premium water brand Waiakea

10 Jul 2019
Automatic blow molding machine APF-10
in motion

We present to you a new video of blow molding machine APF-10 produced by PET Technologies!

03 Jul 2019
Modern trends in PET bottle design development

On the last day of spring PET Technologies company held Conference on “Modern trends in PET bottle design development” at production facilities in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

20 Jun 2019
PET Technologies in Packaging World magazine

The leading American magazine Packaging World posted 2 articles about PET Technologies on their website

05 Jun 2019
PET Technologies to reach Hawaii

Waiakea manufacturing facilities are located in Hawaii, the only U.S. state outside North America. This is where the company runs automatic PET stretch blow molder APF-6004.

01 Jun 2019
Newsletter №5

International Conference by PET Technologies: where innovations and reliability meet.
Empty bottles packaging machine BPM-3000.
Cases: vegetable oil in PET and coffee in PET.
Installations in Columbia and Suriname.

22 May 2019
PET Technologies in PETplanet market survey for suppliers of blow molds

PETplanet Insider magazine has published an annual overview suppliers of preform and SBM moulds with the participation of PET Technologies. The material was released in the issue No. 5/2019 (May).

08 May 2019
PET Technologies helps CLASMADETM to produce PET glasses

Customized beverage ware sparkling as a glass. This is about unique PET tumblers that CLASMADETM produces.

24 Apr 2019
Coffee and PET

What coffee and PET have in common? Of course, it’s the packaging!

17 Apr 2019
New project in Czech Republic

You need 14 sunflowers to produce 1 liter of sunflower oil. And you need reliable packaging that is not only convenient to use and to transport but also attracts consumers’ attention in the supermarket. But the key factor is the possibility of an uninterrupted equipment operation to produce the packaging, which ensures the stability of the production process and its profitability.

20 Mar 2019
See you soon at Fispal Tecnología 2019!

This June PET Tour continues its way to South America.
The first stop is Fispal Tecnologia 2019.
Our meeting point is Booth K 204.

14 Mar 2019
Let´s meet at EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019!

PET Tour 2019 continues. Its next destination is EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019,
a packaging and processing technology show in Mexico.
The meeting point is Booth 1228.

05 Mar 2019
Automatic blow molding machine APF-5: video

PET Technologies company presents video of Automatic blow moulder for PET bottles 3-10 liters APF-5 with output 1600 bottles per hour. APF-5 is used by non carbonate water and oil manufactures to produce two different bottle volumes or designs without need to change blow molds because of its unique feature.

28 Feb 2019
If you put a stick in the ground, it will grow

As if a palm tree: roots keep it in ground, trunk transfers nutrients to fronds. What do trunk and twigs have in common with PET stretch blow molding equipment? The trunk is PET Technologies plant. The twigs are our export geography.

21 Feb 2019
Tecnología del Plástico Magazine about PET Technologies innovations for blow molding

A leading Latin American plastics industry magazine Tecnología del Plástico (issue February – March 2019) with 19 000 printed copies publishes an overview of innovations in PET blow molding.

13 Feb 2019
PET Technologies presents an automatic preform box loader OKP-400 video

Check out our latest video on automatic preform box loader OKP-400 operation in action . Equipment is intended for preform bоx loading into blow molding machine hopper.

11 Feb 2019
Bottle blow molding machine flexibility to reduce downtime

“Blow molding machine flexibility to reduce downtime”, this is the title of the article about PET Technologies at Soy Industria magazine. Its geography covers Latin America.

21 Jan 2019
PET tour 2019

Get ready for the presentation of innovative developments, new products, latest news, interesting projects and fruitful meetings.

28 Dec 2018
PET Technologies at Latin American digital editions

Mentions of PET Technologies at Latin American mass media are a mirror that reflects the major facts about the company in 2018. They speak about our latest technological developments and achievements, events and projects.

26 Dec 2018
Blow molds production terms guarantee

PET Technologies guarantees production terms. Company has implemented a production and management planning system based on the principles of TOC (Theory of Constraints). This allows you to start a new product release as scheduled.

21 Dec 2018
Details that create design

Central American magazine Soy Industria has published an overview of original PET bottles that we developed. The majority of the containers our customers produce at universal PET stretch blow molding machines made by PET Technologies.

17 Dec 2018
Canadian Plastic on PET Technologies

An article named “PET Technologies is making inroads in the U.S.” has been recently published on Canadian Plastic website. It covers PET Technologies expansion in America. Focus of the publication is a joint project of PET Technologies and MODERNA Products nv company, a manufacturer of pet products – gravity fed water bowl.

14 Dec 2018
12 Grapes to resume the current year and to welcome New Year 2019

In Spain there is a New Year tradition to eat the 12 Grapes of Luck with each bell strike at midnight of December 31. It is time to make your wishes and summarize the year that has passed.

25 Nov 2018
4th International Conference of PET Technologies: where innovations and reliability meet

This autumn PET Technologies celebrated the 4th International Conference on Modern PET industry Trends and Innovations.

21 Nov 2018
Reaching Americas: from bud to vivid flowers

What countries of the American continent PET Technologies blow molders have reached this year?

05 Nov 2018
PET keg technology

This is the title of the article PETplanet Insider has published about PET Technologies at November issue. Brau Beviale 2018, where we traditionally participate, is its special topic.

01 Nov 2018
Newsletter №4

Innovative family of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max.
Switch to the New World.
Saturated red PET bottle for ketchup.
PET for pets.

26 Oct 2018
Ukrainian magazine “Beer. Technologies and Innovations” published an article about PET Technologies Conference

An article about 4th International PET Technologies Conference, which took place on September 21st, 2018 in the city of Chernihiv was published in Ukrainian magazine about beer industry “Beer. Technologies and Innovations”.

05 Oct 2018
PET Technologies at BrauBeviale 2018

Start of BrauBeviale is month away! PET Technologies is going to take part in BrauBeviale 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany!

04 Oct 2018
PET Technologies at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018

We will present new generation of universal automatic blow molding machines – APF-Max with productivity of up to 14 000 bottles per hour!

27 Sep 2018
PET Technologies at Agroprodmash 2018

This October PET Technologies traditionally exhibit the latest developments at Agroprodmash 2018!

24 Sep 2018
Ambiente Plástico: close to glass but with improved properties

This is a brief description of PET Technologies and AQUA-PREMIUM recent project at Latin America industry magazine Ambiente Plástico.

18 Sep 2018
PET Technologies to launch its new website!

PET Technologies has a new website! Not long ago PET Technologies appeared in new look: new logo and new corporate style.  The company´s image changed. It became more flexible and elastic. Last generation of innovative PET stretch blow molders followed this way. What´s next? 

11 Sep 2018
Successful collaboration with Bon Boisson

PET Technologies produced 2 blow molds to Bon Boisson Company.

06 Sep 2018
PETPlanet Insider about PET Technologies: “The impossible, of course, may take a little longer!”

This is the title of the article about PET Technologies in PETPlanet Insider.

03 Aug 2018
The journal of blow molding published an article about PET Technologies

In the «Innovation Focus» section of an August issue of The journal of blow molding magazine an article titled “PET Technologies launches Blitz on the Americas” was published.

02 Aug 2018
Plastics Technology MÉXICO publishes an article about PET Technologies and Moderna Products joint project

Mexican magazine Plastics Technology MÉXICO has published an overview of PET Technologies and Moderna Products (USA) joint project.

16 Jul 2018
APF-3002 in the USA

The first PET Technologies automatic blowing machine was put into operation in the USA at the end of June.

05 Jul 2018
1+1=12 000

1 + 1 = 12 000 is simple arithmetic to solve complex tasks.

27 Jun 2018
Tradition meets technology: unique project for AQUA-PREMIUM LLC

Combination of traditions, modern technologies and innovative standards marked another successful project completion of PET Technologies with AQUA-PREMIUM LLC.

19 Jun 2018
An article about PET Technologies published on the Plastics News Europe website

An article entitled “PET Technologies reaches out to world with new generation blow moulders” has been published on the website of an authoritative media dedicated to the plastic industry – Plastics News Europe in June.

15 Jun 2018
PET Technologies at EXPO PACK México 2018: record numbers

Over 170 guests visited PET Technologies booth at EXPO PACK Mexico 2018, according to the statistics.

03 Jun 2018
American Media on PET Technologies

Number of American packaging industry media payed attention to PET Technologies latest development – 4th generation of automatic blowing machines. Find out what what they wrote about it!

31 May 2018
Canadian packaging published an article on PET Technologies

Our latest development is in focus of Canadian Packaging magazing. Check out an article on PET Technologies APF-Max blow molding machine.

25 May 2018
PET Technologies Debut at NPE2018

This year for the first time ever we showcase our advanced technology at NPE2018.

18 May 2018
PET Technologies at Leading Latin American Plastics Industry Magazine

“PET Technologies continues its expansion towards the American continent and participates at NPE2018”, highlights Ambiente Plástico magazine in its last issue.

04 May 2018
From the Ukrainian steppes to the Scandinavian mountains

From the Black and Azov seas to the North and Baltic seas. From PET Technologies plant to Chumak production facilities.

17 Apr 2018
Film Premier: APF-Max PET Stretch Blow Molder in Motion

The 4th generation of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max and PET Technologies production facilities are the main character and stage of the new film we are glad to introduce you!

14 Apr 2018
Tecnología del Plástico publishes an overview of PET Technologies participation at NPE2018

This year PET Technologies brings its technology to NPE2018, the world´s leading plastics trade show and conference. Our Booth S10057 is located at “Bottle Zone”.

11 Apr 2018
New Series of Flexible High-Speed Blow Molders APF-Max

PET Technologies has brought to the market the 4th generation of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max with output range 6 000 – 14 000 bph for bottles volume of 0.2 – 3.0l.

05 Apr 2018
PET Planet Insider published 2 articles about PET Technologies

Two articles about PET Technologies have been published in the latest issue of the leading industry magazine PET Planet Insider.

19 Mar 2018

… together with the team from PET Technologies, MODERNA have worked hard to create a feeder that utilises a blow-moulded jar

10 Feb 2018
Newsletter №3

Inauguration of PET Technologies new manufacturing facilities.
Innovative series of PET stretch blow molders APF-Max.
First installations in Mexico and Canada.
Long lasting partnership with companies from Iran and Oman.

07 Feb 2018

Schedule a meeting with us at PET Technologies booth!

01 Feb 2018
PET Technologies at Leading Industry Magazine in Latin America

A Latin American magazine Ambiente Plástico has published an article about PET Technologies.

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