Crisis as a point of growth. How to develop business during the pandemic

The world is in the situation of total uncertainty and none guidebook can help. Customers’ behavior is changing rapidly.
How to grow business during quarantine?

Crisis as a point of growth. How to develop business during the pandemic

The crisis happens not for the first time. There are many anticrisis guidelines that unfortunately don’t work nowadays. The world is in the situation of total uncertainty and none guidebook can help. The customers’ behavior is changing rapidly, every day, and every hour.

How to grow business during quarantine?

There is a popular opinion that crisis is a point of growth. We have defined several key factors that will help you to find insights and live through these times with minimal damages.

Flexibility and speed. Help your clients to accept a new reality. Give them more information about your brand, about what has changed on your facilities and business processes. Keep the information on your website and other channels of communication with the customers up-to-date on a regular basis.

What PET Technologies has done in this field?

  1. Organized a remote demonstration of the equipment before shipment. You can see how it operates despite the distance of thousands of kilometers!
  2. We are open to customers’ and partners’ inquiries 24/7 all over the world and in any convenient way.
  3. You can take a virtual tour of our plant.

Innovations. Several studies have shown that during the crisis times the consumers are more open to new ideas because the usual flow of their lives is forced to change. Take a step ahead of your competitors! When they are decreasing their marketing budgets create a new label or bottle design that fits the circumstances. Your final consumers almost always stay at home.  Make their life more convenient. For example, develop a new ergonomic large volume bottle or launch orders delivery to home or office.

Care. The people are very close to their pets today. It is the perfect time for development and market launch useful goods for them. Look, for example, on gravity water feeder developed by American company MODERNA.

pet feeder

Safety. It is the main consumers focus in 2020. They want to brands help them to maintain a feeling of sequence and continuity of life. Show them how you support this factor, how you follow WHO guidelines.

And stop thinking about competitors, think better about your clients. They are an endless source of inspiring ideas and goals.

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