1+1=12 000

1 + 1 = 12 000 is simple arithmetic to solve complex tasks.

1+1=12 000

1 + 1 = 12 000 is simple arithmetic to solve complex tasks.

Meanwhile the producers of beverages in PET bottles have several tasks:

  • How to get a filling line for product in PET bottle with the production capacity of 12 000 bottles per hour?
  • How to save at the same time on investment purchasing a blow molding equipment and running the machines?
  • How to implement the project in technically simple, accessible and understandable way?

The capacity of 12 000 bottles per hour is achievable only in case of installment of complicated and expensive rotary blow molding machines, made in Europe or China. The modern practice is that cutting-edge companies offer an interesting solution: combine two linear blow molding machines with the capacity 6000 bottles per hour each. Here they are the necessary 12000 bottles per hour on a single line in your plant! A lot of companies have chosen this solution, and, as the practice has shown, it was the right way.

 The main benefits they managed to get using a similar algorithm are as follows:

  • Easy running and maintenance of equipment;
  • Primary investment saving: two linear blow molding machines are cheaper than one rotor;
  • Equipment maintenance is cheaper;
  • Changeover time reduction;
  • The company doesn´t meet the problem “a blowing unit does not work, what to do?” – One of the two blow molding machines can provide the filing line with PET bottles, though not to full extent;
  • In this case two blow molding machines are combined with the help of air conveyor which serves to move the bottles along the line and storage the packaging between the blow molding and filling nodes;
  • Two molding machines can be placed quite compactly on the territory of the plant blowing 12000 bottles / hour; in other words, 1500 bottles / hour from one cavity (modern European standard);
  • Energy efficiency: during “off-season” one machine can be turned off, and thus the blow station production will meet the needs of packaging market; at this time the second machine can be put to routine maintenance that provides smoothly running during “high” season in the future;
  • It is also possible to transfer one machine into another bottle format / design.

To sum up, we will highlight the main points. Today the production in PET packaging has a ready solution. The successfully implemented projects already operate well basing on it. In these projects the decisions were taken in favor of two linear blow molding machines produced at a high technical and quality level with the use of high-quality components and advanced technology helping  the manufacturers to make efficient investments in their production facilities. The result is smoothly running blow molding equipment and high-quality PET bottle.

PET Technologies specialists have experience and knowledge in implementation of similar projects. We will be happy to help you!

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