PET Technologies to debut at K2022

This October 19 – 26 PET Technologies brings its solutions for PET bottles manufacturing to K2022 in Munich, Germany! Less energy consumption, more savings.

PET Technologies to debut at K2022

This October 19 – 26 PET Technologies brings its solutions for PET bottles manufacturing to K2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany! Less energy consumption, more savings.

Cost-effective SBM machines. A lightweight 500 ml bottle for water or a sophisticated 300 ml PET bottle for cold tea. A 1-gallon PET bottle for juice or 5 L bottle for vegetable oil. A 5US gallon PET bottle with handle for water or 30 L PET keg for beer. The range of PET stretch blow molding machines is compatible with 0,1 – 40 L containers!

Why do our customers worldwide have chosen equipment by PET Technologies?

  • Low energy consumption and compact general dimensions;
  • Flexibility in terms of bottle shapes and formats;
  • Easy maintenance with free access to all the units inside;
  • Wide network of service centers.

There are no two identical leaves in the world. The same is about PET stretch blow molding machines produced by PET Technologies. Adaptation of basic models to the customer’s needs is one of the strengths recognized by multinational companies!

Energy-efficient blow molds. Could you imagine a blow mold shining as if it were mirror? Visitors of PET Technologies’ booth have a unique opportunity to feel a smooth surface that reflects surrounding. PET Technologies manufacturing facilities are equipped with 4- and 5-axes machining centers with spindle processing speed 42 000 rev/min!

This technology permits us to produce linear and rotary blow molds for all European brands of SBM machines.

The set of molds or mold-holders produced by PET Technologies fully meets the characteristics of the original manufacturer in terms of construction and fittings’ dimensions. All the mold-holders, cooling systems are tested hydraulically to prevent leaks!

Inspiring bottle design. “My motto is strong packaging, clear addressing”, said the Icelandic writer and Nobel Prize winner in literature Halldor Laxness. The quote reflects PET Technologies approach to bottle creation.

Let’s take a look! It is a transparent Boston round shape bottle with a black cap. Sharp edges, as if glacier peaks, decorate the lower part. Doesn’t it resemble a bottle emerging from dense ice high in the mountains?

The bottle design with minimalist label reflects natural origin of water, its freshness that merges with elegance and sophistication. The water springs from the purest otherworldly glaciers high in the mountains of China. It is said that the water helps to clear mind, expand consciousness and sharpen perception.

Everything above is about aesthetics. What about technology?

Definitely, the bottle design was developed keeping in mind the characteristics of PET stretch blow molding process in general and the parameters of customer’s SBM machine in particular. We also took into consideration the restrictions of the existing filling line and market trends.

Welcome to PET Technologies booth at Hall 14/A72! We will exchange experience, share ideas and implement the most exciting projects together.

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