Newsletter №6

PET Technologies 20th anniversary celebration and the conference on packaging development trends. Installations in the United States and the interview with our customer from Mexico. Traditional Kyrgyzstan drink in PET.

These are the key points of the 6th edition of PET Technologies Newsletter.

Each reader will immerse into company life:

  • Go through the stages of brand formation;
  • Get involved in PET containers development trends;
  • Read the feedback from our Mexican customer who purchased APF-3002 blow-molding machine;
  • Discover how PET tumblers can be produced with the help of PET Technologies blow molder;
  • Adopt the best practices of the Hawaiian company acquired APF-6004 blow molder;
  • Taste the typical Kyrgyzstan drink packaged in PET.


Post date. 12-16-2019

Newsletter №5

4th International Conference celebrated by PET Technologies where participants from 12 countries met and summary of year 2018. New equipment BPM-3000 to pack empty bottles in plastic bags. PET Technologies recent installations in Czech Republic, Suriname and Colombia. Coffee packed in PET jars.

These are the key points of the 5th edition of PET Technologies Newsletter.

newsletter 5

Each reader will open new aspects of company life:



Post date. 6-1-2019

Newsletter №4

4th generation of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max: its modular concept and quick change. New projects in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. Saturated red PET bottle, filled with ketchup, and premium water bottle shining like glass.

These are the key points of the 4th edition of PET Technologies Newsletter.

newsletter 4

Each reader will feel the company:

  • New products release: the last generation of PET stretch blow molders APF-Max;
  • 2 recent projects in the United States: the customers choose simplicity and reliability;
  • Recipientes y Empaques de México to install the second blow molder made by PET Technologies;
  • Petainer to blow mold PET kegs in Brazil with the help of APF-30 blow molder;
  • Ketchup in red PET bottle resembling tomato to move from the Ukrainian steppes to the Scandinavian mountains;
  • Premium water in PET bottle shining like glass.


Post date. 11-1-2018

Newsletter №3

Inauguration of new manufacturing facilities and office with a total surface 9 000 sq. km and launch of the new family of automatic PET stretch blow molders APF-Max. Expansion to the New World and Long lasting partnership with companies from the Middle East.

These are the key points of the 3rd edition of PET Technologies Newsletter.

Each reader will find out new facts about the company:


Post date. 2-10-2018

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