Automatic blow molding machine for bottles with volume 3.0-10.0l and output 2 500 bph. Separate block of valves for each mold cavity designed by PET Technologies R&D.

APF-10 photo
Equipment typeAutomatic
Bottle Volume, l 3-6, 7-10
Output, bph up to 2 500 bph
Your product Water and CSD, Oil and vinegar

Unique features

Full complex for large bottles up to 10l production in automatic mode.

All the machines meet norms and directives of the European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, have certificates of conformity to CIS countries standards.

Technical data

Output2 500 bph with volume of 3-8 l

up to 1 800 bph with volume of 10 l

Bottle volume3,0 – 10,0 l
Blowing pressureup to 40 bar
Low pressure8-10 bar
Low and high pressure air demand10,0 m³/min
Cooling liquid temperature7-9 °С
Voltage supply400 V / 50 Hz
Installed power68 kW
Overall dimensions8200 х 3400 х 2600 mm
Weight~ 6 800 kg
preform 66-85 gramms

Media about APF-10

12 Dec 2022
PETpla.net Insider speaks about PET Technologies’ project implemented in the midst of the war

Inauguration of a PET water bottling plant in the midst of the war, this is the title of the article published by PETpla.net Insider. It reflects the joint project implemented by PET Technologies and Avalon Group in Ukraine.

12 Dec 2022
PET Technologies CEO interviewed by plastics industry edition

The interview with the company CEO Maxim Poliansky was part and parcel of the meeting. What did they talk about?

04 Oct 2022
Inauguration of a plant in the midst of war: case of one of the newest bottling companies in the Eastern Europe

The Avalon plant is equipped with domestically produced equipment, in particular, PET Technologies blow molding machines – automatic blow  molding machine APF-6004 and semi-automatic blow molding machine UPF-10. The company uses them to produce 500 ml, 1 L, 2 L, and 6 L PET containers. PET Technologies was directly involved in the bottle design development!

23 Sep 2022
PET Technologies to participate at drinktec 2022: flashback

“My friend, an entrepreneur, has PET Technologies machine to produce PET bottles. He recommended me to check the project with you.”, said one of our guests from Europe. “What a perfect blow mold surface!”, exclaimed a visitor from the Latin America.

21 Sep 2022
PET Technologies to debut at K2022

This October 19 – 26 PET Technologies brings its solutions for PET bottles manufacturing to K2022 in Munich, Germany! Less energy consumption, more savings.

28 Jul 2022
PET Technologies to participate in drinktec 2022

This September PET Technologies brings its recent developments to drinktec 2022, world’s largest exhibition for beverages and liquids industry!

13 Jul 2022
PETpla.net Insider includes PET Technologies in annual SBM market survey

PET Technologies provides a wide range of PET stretch blow molding machines with output up to 14 000 bph.

30 Apr 2020
PETplanet Insider about PET Technologies: “The right jar for the right product”

PETplanet Insider (Issue 5/2020) speaks about a wide range of applications for PET Technologies blow molders and highlights the most peculiar and the most common ones.
Two published articles reveal the details.

09 Apr 2020
We work for you

We prepared and took measures to resists an unprecedented challenge for our industry and across the globe. Our service team and local technical staff worldwide reduce equipment downtime risks and ready to assist.

31 Mar 2020
PET Technologies helps to follow WHO hygiene guidelines

Nowadays manufacturing companies must supply food and beverages, household chemicals and sanitizers without any delay while the demand is increasing. How can PET Technologies help you?

24 Feb 2020
PET Technologies helps Rez-Tech to blow mold PET jars

Do you know what types of PET jars exist? Rez-Tech Corporation with 30 years of experience in the field has an answer and produces the jars with the help of automatic PET stretch blow molder APF-10 made by PET Technologies.

20 Jan 2020
Year 2019 for PET Technologies:
people, events, achievements

Connection and community marked the year 2019 for PET Technologies. All the achievements are thanks to our team worldwide, thanks to each customer, each partner, and each supplier!

08 Jan 2020
5th International Conference of PET Technologies in the magazine WORLD OF PACKAGING

An article on the 5th International PET Technologies Conference published in the 5th issue of the packaging industry magazine World of Packaging. Read below how the conference and PET Technologies manufacturing plant impressed guests

15 Nov 2019
Packaging Strategies publishes an overview of our “success story” in Suriname

Packaging Strategies in its recent article highlights the main steps of PET Technologies project in Suriname

13 Nov 2019
As if show jumping: automatic PET stretch blow molders

PET bottles stretch blow molding and equestrian events. At first sight, it seems like compare apples to oranges. Let’s watch our new video and find something in common!

06 Nov 2019
Modern trends of PET industry market

For the fifth time we met our customers and partners at the annual PET Technologies International Conference. Let’s take a look at how it was!

10 Jul 2019
Automatic blow molding machine APF-10
in motion

We present to you a new video of blow molding machine APF-10 produced by PET Technologies!

13 Feb 2019
PET Technologies presents an automatic preform box loader OKP-400 video

Check out our latest video on automatic preform box loader OKP-400 operation in action . Equipment is intended for preform bоx loading into blow molding machine hopper.

12 Dec 2017
PET Technologies installs second automatic blower at Omani bottler: world media

PET Technologies installed automatic blow molding machine APF-10 to Khoramshahr company in Oman. Project features golden yellow PET bottles with a capacity of 3 liters and 5 liters designed by PET Technologies R&D.

01 Nov 2017
PET Technologies company Video

PET Technologies is a European developer and manufacturer of PET bottles blow molding equipment and blow molds.

19 Oct 2017
Khoramshahr Installs 5th PET Technologies Automatic Blow Molder

This year the customer has installed its 5th PET Technologies automatic PET stretch blow molding machine.

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