APF-Max 3U

Innovative automatic blow molding machine for bottles with volume 0.1-8.0l and output up to 5400 bph. Quick changeover for wide variety of preforms with neck diameter 18 – 48 mm.

APF-Max 3U photo
Equipment typeAutomatic
Bottle Volume, l 0,1-2, 2-3, 3-6, 7-10
Output, bph up to 5400 bph
Your product Water and CSD, Beer, Milk and dairy products, Oil and vinegar, Household & automotive

Unique features

APF-Max 3U - the only machine to produce great range of PET bottles volumes from 0.1 to 8.0l

All the machines meet norms and directives of the European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, have certificates of conformity to CIS countries standards.

Technical data

Outputup to 5400 bph
Bottle volume0,1-8,0 l
Blowing pressureup to 40 bar
Air demand4,7 – 7,3 m3/min
Cooling liquid temperature7-9 °С
Voltage supply400 V, 50/60 Hz
Real power consumption35 kW
Overall dimensions6160 х 3050 х 2930 mm
Маса6200 kg
Check the leaflet above with technical features for different bottle sizes

Media about APF-Max 3U

10 May 2023
PET bottles design for highly carbonated drinks by PET Technologies

The origin of the Cherkaske Beer brand dates back to 1910. More than a century ago, the company first released a hoppy drink with a rich tradition in the Eastern Europe.

22 Mar 2023
PETplanet Insider covers highlights of the recent year for PET Technologies

The geography of the recent projects includes Europe, Middle East and the Americas. In 2022, PET Technologies shipped 3 PET SBM machines to the United States!

12 Dec 2022
PETpla.net Insider speaks about PET Technologies’ project implemented in the midst of the war

Inauguration of a PET water bottling plant in the midst of the war, this is the title of the article published by PETpla.net Insider. It reflects the joint project implemented by PET Technologies and Avalon Group in Ukraine.

23 Sep 2022
PET Technologies to participate at drinktec 2022: flashback

“My friend, an entrepreneur, has PET Technologies machine to produce PET bottles. He recommended me to check the project with you.”, said one of our guests from Europe. “What a perfect blow mold surface!”, exclaimed a visitor from the Latin America.

21 Sep 2022
PET Technologies to debut at K2022

This October 19 – 26 PET Technologies brings its solutions for PET bottles manufacturing to K2022 in Munich, Germany! Less energy consumption, more savings.

28 Jul 2022
PET Technologies to participate in drinktec 2022

This September PET Technologies brings its recent developments to drinktec 2022, world’s largest exhibition for beverages and liquids industry!

13 Jul 2022
PETpla.net Insider includes PET Technologies in annual SBM market survey

PET Technologies provides a wide range of PET stretch blow molding machines with output up to 14 000 bph.

07 Feb 2022
See you at EXPO PACK Mexico 2022!

📌 Stand 624
📆 June 14 – 17, 2022

11 Nov 2021
The Ukrainian edition talks about the versatility of the series of automatic blowers APF-Max

The Ukrainian trade magazine “Upakovka” has published a review of the innovative series of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max developed by PET Technologies.

15 Jul 2021
Flexibility is key to stability

PET Technologies has recently brought to the market a new generation of flexible PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max. Its output varies between 3000 and 14 000 bph, while the bottle volume is between 0.1 and 8 L. The product range includes 6 basic models and 5 extra. First customers have already highlighted its features. User-friendly […]

09 Jun 2021
Plastics Hotline on PET stretch blow molder APF-Max

Plastics Hotline has recently posted an article about PET Technologies – European manufacturer of blow molding solutions. The editorial highlighted features of the 4th generation of PET stretch blow molders APF-Max.

13 May 2021
Live demo: new models of APF-Max series (3 pm GMT+2)

Date: May 20, 2021
Time: 3 pm (GMT+2)

29 Apr 2021
British media on the flexibility of the new APF-Max series blow molding machine

“Flexibility is the Key to Stability,” Sustainable Packaging News has published an article about PET Technologies with this title.

23 Jun 2020
TOP-3 beverages 2020: PET Technologies response

TOP products that popularity is growing day by day. These are excellent candidates to extend your product line and lead your business to the next level.

09 Apr 2020
We work for you

We prepared and took measures to resists an unprecedented challenge for our industry and across the globe. Our service team and local technical staff worldwide reduce equipment downtime risks and ready to assist.

20 Jan 2020
Year 2019 for PET Technologies:
people, events, achievements

Connection and community marked the year 2019 for PET Technologies. All the achievements are thanks to our team worldwide, thanks to each customer, each partner, and each supplier!

08 Jan 2020
5th International Conference of PET Technologies in the magazine WORLD OF PACKAGING

An article on the 5th International PET Technologies Conference published in the 5th issue of the packaging industry magazine World of Packaging. Read below how the conference and PET Technologies manufacturing plant impressed guests

15 Nov 2019
Packaging Strategies publishes an overview of our “success story” in Suriname

Packaging Strategies in its recent article highlights the main steps of PET Technologies project in Suriname

13 Nov 2019
As if show jumping: automatic PET stretch blow molders

PET bottles stretch blow molding and equestrian events. At first sight, it seems like compare apples to oranges. Let’s watch our new video and find something in common!

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