Keg preparation complex

High-quality 15-40l PET keg preparation complex with output 250 bph. Modular concept, process sterility, 2 hours of continuous running.

Keg preparation complex
Equipment type Automatic
Bottle Volume, l 15 - 35, 35-40
Output, bph up to 250
Your product Water and CSD, Beer

Unique features

Automatic PET keg preparation complex

All the machines meet norms and directives of the European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, have certificates of conformity to CIS countries standards.

High quality returnable PET keg

Technical data

Output 120 – 250 kegs/hour
Bottle volume 15 – 40 l
Neck type with or without thread
Fitting type A, G, S, D with and without pressure release
Keg height range 440 – 665 mm
Keg diameter range 235 – 335 mm
Keg diameter under supporting ring 51 – 55 mm

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