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Melted premium water "Yulong"

  • Concept
  • Naming
  • Bottle and label design
  • Logo
  • Identity
  • Year: 2020

Natural melted water "Yulong" is a new premium product

Its origins are in the highest and purest glaciers in the mountains of China.

They say, Yulong melted water helps to clear mind, expand consciousness and sharpen perception. Crystal clear glacier water “Yulong” – saturated with vitamins D3, C, B2 – adds strength to your body being.

Premium design

The main goal was to create premium design combined with the key modern trend – environmental awareness.

Within the framework of the project, we developed unique identity design. It includes a bottle, a logo and a cap. The material is 100% rPET.

Sharply defined edges in the decor and cool colors look as if it were a bottle carved out of a glacier. Elegant lines, emphasis on details, minimalistic label stand for the premium quality of the product.

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