PET bottle design development

PET Technologies design office provides all range of PET bottle development. We create new design concepts or modify the existing shapes, adapt new designs to the existing filling line.

Depending on customer needs, PET Technologies implements all possible PET bottles design projects:

  • new bottle concept development;
  • modifications of the existing shapes;
  • new design adaptation to the existing filling line;
  • bottle design scaling to other volumes.

Our impressive experience guarantees our customers the implementation of projects for adapting a new design to the existing filling line with the minimal format parts change.

PET packaging design - PET Technologies

Over 20 years PET Technologies company provides its customers and partners modern and technological solutions in blow molding machines and blow molds. We are sure that to be in step with technologies is key to create new products.

The world of visual communications where we live evidences that the quality of the product at shelf is not the only consumer’s criteria to choose. We often simultaneously buy emotion and mood. It impacts further development of the relationship between a buyer and a brand.

pet bottle design development

PET Technologies pays special attention to packaging design. Once the design changed, according to our customers, sales increase, while packaging weight reduced. How do we create a new bottle? First, we analyze the existing line and consumers’ needs. Then we study world trends and market characteristics.

bottle design creating

We offer a unique PET bottle design for each customer. Our design office and laboratory permit to create not only attractive design, but also to guarantee that your updated product line is technological and functional.

bottle design

Our solutions for PET industry

PET Technologies company provides turn-key solutions for food and beverage industry manufactures (water, CSD, dairy products, edible oil, vinegar and beer), chemical industry factories (household and automobile chemicals) and bottle converters
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