PET Technologies presents an automatic preform box loader OKP-400 video

Check out our latest video on automatic preform box loader OKP-400 in operation. OKP-400 is intended for preform bоx loading into blow molding machine preform hopper. This unit can also be used in single-part and serial production in food, chemical and light industry for performs, half-finished products, granules, etc. Movement to the required height and place of destination. OKP-400 technical charachteristics:

  • possesses high load-carrying capacity up то 500 kg;
  • has а remote control panel which can be transferred on the distance up то 2 meters from the device;
  • it is equipped with the cutoff switch that provides operator’s safe work (loader will not be activated if casing doors are open);
  • it doesn’t have any dangerously acting and rotating elements тthat may hurt the operator;
  • all the electric elements are hidden and protected by special casing;
  • the frame is covered with а powder paint which provides а high anticorrosive firmness;
  • special anticorrosive covering forms solid lubricating film which increases greased parts durability;
  • it is easy то operate and requires minimum level of maintenance service;
  • it can be technically reoriented for different types of orientators and hoppers.

Post date. 2-13-2019

PET Technologies installs second automatic blower at Omani bottler: world media

Attention of  mass media was brought to the project of the PET Technologies company for the oil producer from Oman, Khoramshahr.

Uniqueness of the project is the fact that it was the 5th PET Technologies automatic blow molding machine at the Khoramshahr production facilities.

We are talking about the automatic stretch blow molding machine APF-10. The project features golden yellow PET bottles with a capacity of 3 and 5 liters designed by PET Technologies R&D.

The news was published on the websites of middle east media: Fureplastick and Mideastplast.

Khoramshahr will produce 3 and 5 liter PET bottles of rectangular and square shape on blow molder APF-10 with output of 2 500 bottles per hour. The 8-zone heating system of the preform allows to blow PET bottles of complex designs.

The text news in Russian on Plast Info website can be found here.

Project features golden yellow PET bottles with capacity 3 liters and 5 liters designed by PET Technologies R&D - PET Technologies

Post date. 12-12-2017

PET Technologies company Video

PET Technologies is a European developer and manufacturer of PET bottles blow molding equipment and blow molds.

We specialize in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing of automatic (3000-14000 bph) and universal semi-automatic blow stretch molding equipment for PET-bottles production;
  • PET bottles design and blow molds production for linear and rotary machines of other European manufacturers;
  •  Professional service support, sales and after-sales services; blow molds start-up
  • Complete filling lines supply

The plant was founded in 1999.

PET Technologies equipment is installed in 40 countries of the world. Sales and service centers operate in 15 regions. PET Technologies network covers Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, USA and Canada.

All the equipment range has been developed together with Austrian engineers and meets all the norms and directives of European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, are issued 10 patents

Simplicity and uniqueness
Reliability and service
European quality and innovations

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Post date. 11-1-2017

Khoramshahr Installs 5th PET Technologies Automatic Blow Molder

A proverb says that truth and oil always come to the surface. PET Technologies experience says that trust and oil lead to long-lasting partnership. This is about our collaboration with a leading manufacturer of vegetable oil in Iran, Khoramshahr Company.

This year the customer has installed its 5th PET Technologies automatic PET stretch blow molding machine. It is APF-10 blower turn due to the need to produce 3 and 5 l PET bottles with output 2500 bph.

What are the machine features to highlight?

Automatic PET stretch blow molding machine APF-10 is designed to produce 3 – 10 l bottles and guarantee stable manufacturing process. Its air cooling system contributes to uniform preform wall heating, whereas stretching rod is developed for thick-walled preform.

Our customer Khoramshahr Company will produce 3 and 5 l rectangular and square PET bottles at APF-10 blow molder. Its 8-zone quick and intensive preform heating system permits to manufacture irregular containers with original shape.

PET Technologies and Khoramshahr partnership started long ago. During this period, before APF-10, the customer had installed 4 automatic PET stretch blow molding machines APF-6004 with output 6000 bph, 0.2 – 2.0 l. Now Khoramshahr produces 3 bottle designs and 9 bottle formats due to mold quick change.

When we look both at up to 2 l PET bottles and 3 – 5 l containers, there is one common element. These are sunflower petals, symbol of happiness and vitality. Khoramshahr with its trademarks Etka and Varamin are famous for the vegetable oil they produce. The bottle concept and design outstands the product at market shelves.

Thus, 5 PET Technologies automatic blow molding machines at 3 Khoramshahr oil plants is a fruit of mutual cooperation, trust and stretch communication between the companies.

Post date. 10-19-2017

Automatic blow molding machine APF-10 for PET bottles 3-10l, 2 500 bph

The automatic blow molding machine APF-10 (2 500 bph, 3-10l) is widely chosen by non carbonate water and oil producers. Thick-wall preform temperature distribution through the body and preform thread overheating are two problems large bottles producers usually face. PET Technologies R&D department found solution: the blower is equipped with mandrel water and additional cooling system for easier temperate balance maintenance and preform thread overheating reduction. Other APF-10 highlights:

  • special stretching rods to guarantee blowing process stability and exclusion of deformation;
  • mold closing system with special linear guiderails that guarantee high machine performance and unit wear resistance;
  • CE and HACCP approval;
  • easy integration in automatic filling line;
  • compressed air recovery system;
  • possible to blow complicated and original bottle designs.

Post date. 7-15-2017
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