New project in Czech Republic

You need 14 sunflowers to produce 1 liter of sunflower oil. And you need reliable packaging that is not only convenient to use and to transport but also attracts consumers’ attention in the supermarket. But the key factor is the possibility of an uninterrupted equipment operation to produce the packaging, which ensures the stability of the production process and its profitability.

It was the main factor for Q-OILS CZ s.r.o. company (Nemčič, Czech Republic) while choosing equipment for 10 liters PET bottles production. Q-OILS CZ s.r.o. has been packing vegetable oil in the Czech Republic for 20 years. Along with other plastic tanks and cisterns, PET packaging is also used. The product range of the company includes rapeseed, sunflower and palm oil.

One of the partners of Q-OILS CZ s.r.o. is the AVENA s.r.o. company (Bzenec, Czech Republic), that specializes in PET packaging for vegetable oil. Having faced the choice of purchasing their own blow molding equipment, the company has decided for automatic blow molding machine APF-5 manufactured by PET Technologies to produce PET bottles of 3-10 l volume with 1500 bph output.

Automatic PET bottle blow machine with output 1600 bph - PET Technologies

In 2018 we delivered blow molder to Czech Republic thus opening the market of another European country.

The main task of PET Technologies is the implementation of the client’s ideas in PET packaging. We are glad that once again we managed new success project and acquired new partners such as Q-OILS CZ s.r.o. and AVENA s.r.o.

Post date. 4-17-2019

Automatic blow molding machine APF-5: video

The automatic blow moulder for PET bottles APF-5 (1600 bph, 3-10 l) is widely chosen by non carbonate water and oil manufactures to produce two different bottle volumes / formats / designs without need to change blow molds. It is enough to switch from one blowing unit to another. Each of them is equipped with separate original block of valves designed by PET Technologies R&D department.

High machine performance is provided by:

  • mold closing system analogous to rotary machines.
  • compact and space saving design – CE and HACCP approval
  • easy integration in automatic filling line
  • innovation air cooling system provides uniform temperature penetration through the preform body.

It is especially important in case of large bottles production as they are blow molded from thick-wall preform that has lower heat flow rate.

Please enjoy the video!

Post date. 3-5-2019

PET Technologies presents an automatic preform box loader OKP-400 video

Check out our latest video on automatic preform box loader OKP-400 in operation. OKP-400 is intended for preform bоx loading into blow molding machine preform hopper. This unit can also be used in single-part and serial production in food, chemical and light industry for performs, half-finished products, granules, etc. Movement to the required height and place of destination. OKP-400 technical charachteristics:

  • possesses high load-carrying capacity up то 500 kg;
  • has а remote control panel which can be transferred on the distance up то 2 meters from the device;
  • it is equipped with the cutoff switch that provides operator’s safe work (loader will not be activated if casing doors are open);
  • it doesn’t have any dangerously acting and rotating elements тthat may hurt the operator;
  • all the electric elements are hidden and protected by special casing;
  • the frame is covered with а powder paint which provides а high anticorrosive firmness;
  • special anticorrosive covering forms solid lubricating film which increases greased parts durability;
  • it is easy то operate and requires minimum level of maintenance service;
  • it can be technically reoriented for different types of orientators and hoppers.

Post date. 2-13-2019


Traditionally at the beginning of the year we plan events and meetings. PET Technologies has already mapped its PET TOUR 2018, the list of international exhibitions we will take part in.

We will present the 4th generation of PET stretch blow molding machines, our latest achievements and innovations. Our guests will have an opportunity to touch and evaluate the blow molds we produce as well as discover unique PET bottles design.

Let’s meet at PET Tour 2018!

Meat & Dairy 2018, Russia, Moscow, February 27 – March 2, 2018

NPE 2018, USA, Orlando, May 7 – 11, 2018

EXPO PACK Mexico 2018, Mexico, Mexico City, June 05 – 08, 2018

iran food + bev tec, Iran, Tehran, June 24 – 27, 2018

AgroProdMash, Russia, Moscow, October 8 – 12, 2018

Gulfood Manufacturing, UAE  Dubai, November 6 – 8, 2018

Brau Beviale, Germany, Nuremberg, November 13 – 15, 2018

Welcome to our booth!

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Post date. 2-7-2018

PET Technologies company Video

PET Technologies is a European developer and manufacturer of PET bottles blow molding equipment and blow molds.

We specialize in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing of automatic (3000-14000 bph) and universal semi-automatic blow stretch molding equipment for PET-bottles production;
  • PET bottles design and blow molds production for linear and rotary machines of other European manufacturers;
  •  Professional service support, sales and after-sales services; blow molds start-up
  • Complete filling lines supply

The plant was founded in 1999.

PET Technologies equipment is installed in 40 countries of the world. Sales and service centers operate in 15 regions. PET Technologies network covers Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, USA and Canada.

All the equipment range has been developed together with Austrian engineers and meets all the norms and directives of European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, are issued 10 patents

Simplicity and uniqueness
Reliability and service
European quality and innovations

Enjoy watching!

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Post date. 11-1-2017

Reduced bottle weight

On May 5th an article entitled “Reduced bottle weight” was published on the Food and Drink Technology website. Text covers blow molding system – complete filling line that was installed at Jermuk Group facilities in Armenia. Project features an automatic blow molding machine APF-5 with productivity of up to 1600 bph and capacity of up to 10 liters.

Read more about how PET Technologies equipment helped to reduce bottle weight here.

blow molding system - PET Technologies

Post date. 5-5-2017

Armenia’s Jeremuk group installs blow molding line for PET bottles

In March an article on a complete filling line produced by PET Technologies and Thermo Pack companies for the Armenian company Jeremuk Group was published on a Foodbev magazine website. Piece covers a project of complete filling line that includes an automatic blow molding machine APF-5 with a productivity of up to 1 600 bottles per hour.

You can read the details of the project here.

filling line for PET bottles - PET Technologies

Post date. 3-26-2017

Jermuk Group Reduces Bottle Weight and Installs PET Technologies Blower

Not long ago PET Technologies in cooperation with the partner, Packing Equipment Plant “Thermo-Pack”, supplied a complete filling line for 5 l PET bottles with reduced weight to Jermuk Group.

In order to reduce expenses, the customer switched from 48 mm Bericap preform to 38 mm Bericap preform to produce 3.0 and 5.0 l PET bottles at APF-5 automatic stretch blow molding machine.  It is beneficial both for bottled water consumers and for the bottling company. Preform and cap cost reduction leads to final product competitive price.

Thus, use of 64 g Bericap preform (38 mm) instead of 85 g Bericap preform (48 mm) saves up to 90 tons of PET material per year by value USD 135 000. Automatic blow molding machine APF-5 (1600 bph, 3 – 10 l) with two independent blowing units admits both neck standards.

Jermuk Group is famous far beyond the Armenia’s borders for its mineral water form hot springs high in the mountains. Worth to mention that jermuk in Armenian means warm. The bottling plant next to the spring permits to maintain the unique water characteristics.

PET bottles with mountain slopes as decoration produced at APF-5 blower highlight the natural origin and picturesque environment around the plant.  Small PET bottles manufactured and filled at high speed rotary machines of European providers have similar concept. PET Technologies experienced in bottle design supplied several kits of molds.

New joint projects year in, year out are proof of long and fruitful collaboration between PET Technologies and Jermuk Group.

Post date. 2-21-2017
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