Coffee and PET

What coffee and PET have in common? Of course, it’s the packaging!

Bright, beautiful and convenient packaging is important not only for consumer but also for the retail network where this product is presented. Now it is not only the material that protects a product from external influence but also an important tool to promote the product on the market.

PET Technologies cooperation with FES UKR LLC began in 2014, when the company acquired the UPF-30B universal blow molding machine to produce 8 liter jars for packing TM MacCoffee instant coffee sticks.The machine has proven itself to be reliable and stable in  operation, allowing to produce PET jars with a neck diameter of up to 120 mm and original design.

In 2018, FES UKR LLC expanded its production by ordering another universal blow molding machine. This time UPF-30B will be used to produce 3 l PET jars for TM MacCoffee instant coffee sticks. A new, smaller volume of packaging was developed to diversify the packaging of coffee sticks and to ensure wider coverage of the product’s audience.

Semi-automatic blow molding machine UPF-30B is used for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The demand for 3-12 l. PET jars is steadily increasing as the range of products that can be packaged in them is constantly growing: cosmetics, food supplements, sports nutrition and cereals.

Post date. 4-24-2019

Canadian Plastic on PET Technologies

An article named “PET Technologies is making inroads in the U.S.” has been recently published on Canadian Plastic website. It covers PET Technologies expansion in America.

Focus of the publication is a joint project of PET Technologies and MODERNA Products nv company, a manufacturer of pet products – gravity fed water bowl. At the beginning of 2018 universal blowmolding machine UPF-30 was installed at the company’s plant in Gaffney, South Carolina. It is second blow molding machine PET Technologies has exported to the United States, the pioneer was an automatic blowing machine APF-3002 with a productivity of up to 3000 bottles per hour for bottle capacity of 0,2-2 liters, installed at a customer plant in Arizona.

In addition, successful sales of PET Technologies blow molding equipment in Mexico and Canada are noted.

Read the text of an article here.

canadian plastic on pet technologies

Post date. 12-17-2018

12 Grapes to resume the current year and to welcome New Year 2019

In Spain there is a New Year tradition to eat the 12 Grapes of Luck with each bell strike at midnight of December 31. It is time to make your wishes and summarize the year that has passed.

For PET Technologies team it is also time to outline the most important events of the current year and plan the coming one. Let’s recall the key facts together!

12. At the beginning of 2018, PET Technologies explained how we created a PET bottle. We released a detailed video, which reflects each stage: from sketch development to prototyping and laboratory tests. We can watch it now!

11. PET for PETs. It is a summary of the unique project we developed together with Moderna Product nv, the United States. Our task was to develop a 0,5 and 1,0 l wide neck jar for a gravity fed water. Now they are produced at PET Technologies universal blow molder UPF-30b.

10.The first APF-Max blow molder with output 14 000 bph to produce up to 2 l bottles was launched in operation. It is the 4th generation of SMB machines developed by PET Technologies. There are certain features worth to highlight: easy neck change from 18 to 48 mm, NIR heating system, totally electric configuration.

9. PET Technologies released a new product to the market: a machine to pack empty PET bottles in plastic bags BPM-3000 (3000 bph, 0.2 – 2.0 l). This equipment is an excellent complement to PET bottles production line, including APF-3002 blow molder.

8. Traditionally, we have participated at Milk & Dairy 2018, EXPO PACK Mexico 2018, Agroprodmash 2018, Gulfood Manufacturing 2018. We brought our latest developments. In EXPO PACK Mexico and Agroprodmash we exhibited APF-6004 and APF-Max 8 respectively. Both machines already had their final destination: a bottle making plant in Mexico and a dairy plant in Russia.

7. This May PET Technologies had a debut at NPE2018 in Orlando, the United States. The guests of our booth had an opportunity to see and touch APF-3002 blow molding machine.

6. It was in 2018 when the first PET Technologies automatic blow molder was start-up in the Unites States. The customer acquired PET stretch blow molding machine APF-3002 with output 3000 bph to produce 0.2 – 2.0 L. Now the equipment is in full operation in Arizona.

5. This summer PET Technologies geography extended to Brazil. Our customer BluePET launched automatic blow molder APF-30 to produce 20 – 30 l PET kegs from Petainer preform. Why did he choose this machine? Because of the optimal cost-benefit relation, according to BLUE PET.

4. PET Technologies is getting closer to brewing industry in Mexico. For the first time ever we took part at Cerveza Mexico 2018. We brought our solutions for beer manufactures: a complete line to prepare PET kegs for filling.

3. Traditional BrauBeviale 2018 has turned into first public appearance for a complex to prepare PET kegs for filling. We exhibited a sealing and pressurizing unit. Now PET Technologies supplies a complete line from PET SBM machine to keg leak-testing module

2. This autumn PET Technologies has celebrated the 4th International Conference on modern PET industry trends and innovations. Over 50 professionals from 12 countries of the world arrived to the manufacturing facilities in Chernihiv (Ukraine).The key messages the available on our website.

1. We launched a new corporate website! Feel free to follow our news and be among the first to find out where PET TOUR stops next. Now you can easily find equipment that meets your needs or make a virtual tour to the plant!

Year 2018 has almost passed, but good memories and achievements will last.

May this new year accomplish your goals very fast!

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year!

Post date. 12-14-2018

PET Planet Insider published 2 articles about PET Technologies

Two articles about PET Technologies have been published in the latest issue of the leading industry magazine PET Planet Insider.

First article announces PET Technologies participation in an upcoming NPE2018, which will be held on May 7-11 in Orlando, USA. Fourth generation of PET Technologies blow molding machines, APF-Max with an output of up to 14 000 bottles per hour and bottle volume of 0.2 liters – 3 liters, is also mentioned in this announcement.

Second article introduces PET Technologies and Moderna Products nv collaboration, feeder with a wide-mouth PET jar. It is informed that PET bottles with a volume of 1 ½ gallon and a neck diameter of 120 mm are produced on a semi-automatic UPF-30b blowing machine, located at a company’s plant in Gaffney, South Carolina.

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Source: PETplanet Insider Issue 4/2018

Post date. 4-5-2018


Sounds a little strange… doesn’t it !

But the reality is, MODERNA Products nv are known around the world for creating smart plastics for happy pets. Their designs and accessories are used by pets everywhere… from bowls and cat toilets to carriers and gravity feeders and waterers.

Their newest design is a gravity fed waterer with a difference… together with the team from PET Technologies, MODERNA have worked hard to create a feeder that utilises a blow-moulded jar.

Through the specially modified, semi-automatic blow molder UPF-30 they can now create jars with a neck diameter of 120mm and a volume of 0,5 or 1 gallon. By combining this new technology with their existing injection molded bases, they have created the perfect gravity-fed watering system. What’s more the PET jars are fully recyclable… so one jar creates another… helping the planet for future pets… and owners alike.

The UPF-30 was installed at the company’s American plant in Gaffney, South Carolina… to run along-side their existing machines there. PET Technologies technicians were on hand to commission the new machine and to give first-hand tuition to the new operators.

The new machine is now fully operational and just goes to show, that by working together, we can help make, even the wildest dreams of our business partners, become a reality.

A second installation at their headquarters in Belgium is already pencilled-in for the future.

Post date. 3-19-2018

PET Technologies company Video

PET Technologies is a European developer and manufacturer of PET bottles blow molding equipment and blow molds.

We specialize in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing of automatic (3000-14000 bph) and universal semi-automatic blow stretch molding equipment for PET-bottles production;
  • PET bottles design and blow molds production for linear and rotary machines of other European manufacturers;
  •  Professional service support, sales and after-sales services; blow molds start-up
  • Complete filling lines supply

The plant was founded in 1999.

PET Technologies equipment is installed in 40 countries of the world. Sales and service centers operate in 15 regions. PET Technologies network covers Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, USA and Canada.

All the equipment range has been developed together with Austrian engineers and meets all the norms and directives of European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, are issued 10 patents

Simplicity and uniqueness
Reliability and service
European quality and innovations

Enjoy watching!

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Post date. 11-1-2017
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