Our main customers are food and beverage industry manufactures (water, CSD, dairy products, edible oil, vinegar and beer), chemical industry producers (household and automotive chemicals) and converters.

Graham Packaging Company certifies its successful cooperation with PET Technologies Company within the project of prototyping, test batch of PET bottles blow molding and laboratory tests carrying out.
PET bottle samples and laboratory tests report we received from PET Technologies totally meet Graham Packaging standards.
The project was successfully implemented within agreed terms and time.
We highly recommend PET Technologies as a competent supplier with cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.
We thank PET Technologies for participation in this project.

Graham Packaging Company

We hereby confirm that our company Carlsberg Denmark A/S placed an order for manufacturing of blow molds for blow molding machines Krones Contiform  S20 and Krones Contiform S10 at PET Technologies Ltd. in 2016.

The project was realized successfully, within agreed terms and planned budget. Blow molds have an appropriate quality and our company has no complaints regarding it.

Therefore, we can recommend PET Technologies Ltd. for all the factories of Carlsberg Group.

Carlsberg Denmark

“The Petainer Group has benn working alongside PET Technologies since 2014. During our partnership, they have supported our business in order to advance the development of the APF-30 machine, a single cavity machine for large containers.

The APF-30 machine is the most economically optimum for large container blowmolding without compromiss to quality. Its our blowmolder of choice and we suggest this machine to our numerous customers around the world.”

Petainer Group

BUNGE CIS LLC testifies to the successful cooperation with PET Technologies Ltd. in project implementation for manufacture of blow molds for ADS automatic blow molding machine.

This project was implemented on time and in full scope. At the time of writing this letter, our company does not have any claims on the quality of the execution of the order.

BUNGE CIS LLC expresses its gratitude to PET Technologies Ltd. for the partnership in the project implementation and consider PET Technologies Ltd. as the Supplier upon availability of similar projects.


In this letter, company «Carlsberg Ukraine» confirms a successful cooperation with a company «PET Technologies> in project implementation for developing design, modeling as well as the manufacture of blow molds for KRONES Contiform and KHS Blomax machines.
All the work on these projects were implemented in full and on time. The supplied equipment meets all the standards and requirements of modern quality standards

Carlsberg Ukraine

To Whom it May Concern

Bishkeksut OJSC has been cooperating with PET Technologies since 2018.

PET Technologies’ blow molding machine APF-6004M has been successfully operating for the production of dairy bottles in our factory all these years. We recognize the reliability and efficiency of this blow molding machine as it ensures a stable production process in our factory.

PET Technologies team provides professional service support and quick response to our needs. We recommend PET Technologies as our reliable partner for cooperation.

Bishkeksut OJSC

Triumbari Corporation has been collaborating with PET Technologies since 2016. Their machinery has supported the growth and development of our business. We have two of their APF-6004 blow moulding machines on our plant.  These two machines are the most efficient machines in our manufacturing facility.

We highly recommend PET Technologies blow moulding machines to alike business worldwide. PET Technologies has been very helpful throughout the entire process and we respect the quality and professionalism they have provided us throughout the process.

Joe and Teresa Triumbari.

Triumbari Corporation

Rez-Tech Corporation and Jack The Jar Man of Kent, OH 44240 USA love these PET Technologies reheat stretch bow molding machines. Purchased in 2018, the APF-10 Blow molders are efficient workhorses that far out produce our other blow molders. The APF Series of stretch blow molders are engineered and designed with simplicity and ease of use for a long production life span.

It is Rez-Tech’s experience, from our bottle design, conception and start of these projects, Vladimir Tsallagov and PET Technologies engineering staff and technicians have exceeded other machinery & mold companies in fulfilling our vision and needs. We thank PET Technology for bringing Rez-Tech… a European perspective on sustainability, energy, engineering, and look forward to more in the future.


To Whom it May Concern;

Misyal Natural Spring Water has been working with PET Technologies since 2014. We installed our first APF-6004 Blow molder in the summer of 2015, second APF-6004 in 2016 and we intent to install a third APF-6004 in the winter of 2020.

APF-6004 Blow molders are efficient workhorses, produces less scrap in our facility. The 6004 model engineered and designed with simplicity and ease of use for a long production life span, their technical knowledge is great.

I have found them to be a very good company to work with.

We thank PET Technology for bringing Misyal Natural Spring Water a European perspective on sustainability, energy, engineering, and look forward to more in the future.

Highly recommended.


Dear sirs,

We hereby confirm that company Saku Ölletehase AS/ Carlsberg Group placed an order for outer shells manufacturing for blow molding machine KHS Blomax16 at PET Technologies Ltd.

The project was successfully implemented within agreed terms and budget. The outer shells, produced by PET Technologies Ltd. have an appropriate quality and meet all the standards and requirements of modern quality standards.

Therefore, we can recommend PET Technologies Ltd. as a reliable supplier.


Siim Vaide

Head of Maintenance


We, as Bluepet purchased a machine APF30 from PET Technologies in 2018. The machine is an automatic PET bottle blower, for bottles of 20L or more. It is a very welldone machine, attended our production as we needed. The APF30 has a good production flow, it works with only one operator and has a low loss rate, after set up

About the company PET Technologies, they are very helpful and always respond very quickly when we need help understanding anything about the machine. Also, when we need any technical support, they promptly help us. The communication is very easy with Tetiana, shspeaks Spanish and English, so whenever we need, she is ready to help us and translate for the technicians

Lastly, the delivery and set up of the APF30 was fast and with no bigger problems, the company was professional, dedicated and attend our requests when needed. We recommend PET Technologies as a very professional company, with specialized people always ready to assist in any issue.


“Aqua Geo” JSC confirms successful cooperation with “PET Technologies” in the project of the complete water filling line supply and hightlights professional competence of company staff in preparation, fulfillment and project supervision.

“PET Technologies” equipment has established a reputation of being innovative and highly technological, meeting all the norms and requirements of modern quality standards.

“Aqua Geo” JSC expresses gratitude to “PET Technologies” and will be pleased to cooperate in future.

David Gigaia

General Director


We hereby inform that since 2009 our company has been working with PET Technologies, the producer of blow molding equipment for PET bottles production. Nowadays we continue our successful cooperation, and within this period we have bought from PET Technologies and installed at our plant two sets of automatic blow molding machine APF-3002. Thet were delivered on contractual time and proved to be reliable and easy in operation.

Stable operation of blow molding equipment gives us grounds to continoe cooperation with PET Technologies and to do new projects together.

PLURIFIL Productos Quimicos, LDA

We hereby inform that in 2015 PET Technologies company successfully realized project for change over set production for blow molding machine Sipa SFR8 and filling line conversion from PCO1810 to PCO1881.

Project was fulfilled on contractual time, we have no claims to quality of conversion set production.

“New products” Group

With this letter we confirm that our comoany has successfully cooperating with PET Technologies Ltd since 2007 until now. During this period we have purchased the following equipment from them:

  1. Automatic blow molding machine APF-4
  2. Automatic blow molding machine APF-3002
  3. Automatic blow molding machine APF-6004

All the projects between our companies have been realized on tie and complete. We have no complaints to the blow molding machine supplied. We are also happy with the quality of the bottles meeting all the demands of microbiology. PET Technologies meet all our requests with full flexibility.

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