PET kegs

Lightweight 30 liter PET kegs for beer, kvass, wine, cider.
Fitting for standard filling systems.
Completely recyclable.

PET kegs are a more sustainable and less expensive alternative to metal ones. Lightweight 30 liter PET kegs are suitable for all kinds of drinks (beer, kvass, lemonade, wine, cider) and are completely recyclable.

This is your opportunity to enter new markets!


Perfect product shipping option

ПЭТ кегатранспортировка

Reduces logistics costs

лёгкий весLight weight and low cost

гарантия вкуса 100% product taste guarantee

срок годности
Shelf life equal to metal keg

совместимостьCompatible with almost all equipment

экологическая безопасностьEnvironmental safety

не требуется мытьNo cleaning costs

Technical characteristics of PET keg

MaterialPolyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Type of usedisposable
Compatibilityavailable fitting types “A”, “G”
Volume30 liters
Weight (with fitting and tube)545 g
Height (with fitting)568 mm
Diameter295 mm
Working pressureup to 2.5 bar

The advantages of PET kegs

LogisticsPerfect for export, transportation of products over long distances: the vehicle  holds 25-30% more product compared to metal kegs
Resource efficiencyNo need for expensive internal and external keg washing systems
Non-returnable containerNo loss of kegs, they do not require repair or maintenance. No return and storage required
StrengthIncreased strength is achieved by a special composition of raw materials and keg design
UsabilityPET kegs are purchased when necessary – they require less storage space. There is no need to maintain a stock of kegs for the whole season
Eco-friendlinessNo harmful waste generated in the cleaning process
O2/CO2Nylon passive barrier limits O2 ingress and CO2 loss
UV protectionBrown pigmentation provides UV protection
HygieneImproved hygiene performance – no inorganic pollution (like beer stone) and unpleasant metallic aftertaste
Product shelf lifeTests conducted by VLB have proven that in terms of O2 and CO2 kegs are much better for keeping drinks during a 6-9 months period

PET kegs for breweries   PET kegs for wineries   PET kegs for gastronomy

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