Check the Innovations We Introduced at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017

It was a week ago PET Technologies participated at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017. It was APF-30 PET blow molder debut at the American continent.

Check the Innovations We Introduced at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017

It was a week ago PET Technologies participated at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017.

APF-30 PET blow molder debut at the American continent.

We exhibited this PET kegs and water cooler bottles automatic blow molding machine at our booth.

pack expo stand 2017

Several modifications, flexibility in terms of containers to manufacture, technical features to guarantee stable machine operation.

This is all about APF-30 blow molding machine in brief.

Let’s see step by step why it attracted our guests’ attention at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017.

Each customer can choose the option that meets his needs: the output can be 120 bph and 250 bph.

There are universal modifications to produce both PET kegs and water cooler bottles as well as only one type of container (only PET keg or only PET water cooler). Servo drive in the stretching unit guarantees PET stretch blow molding process stability. It is essential for large bottles production.

On the other hand, PET Technologies booth visitors were among the first who found out about the last generation of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max with output up to 14000 bph, 0.2 – 3.0 l. Its flexibility and universality led to high interest among the prospects.

Not to mention NIR heating system that makes preform heating more efficient whilst consumes less energy!

pack expo 2017

Linear automatic blow molder APF-Max has 4-, 6- and 8-cavity modifications with output between 6 000 and 14 000 bph. You can buy additional cavities after machine start up. No investments in new equipment when your PET bottles production needs increase!

Our guests’ geography coincides with PET Technologies sales and service map. Without any doubt, over 60% were from the US and Canada. A lot of visitors came from Central and South America. There were also prospects from Europe and Asia despite large distance and long flight.

Dear customers and partners! Thank you for the time you spent visiting us at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017! We appreciate a lot your interest in stretch blow molding solutions PET Technologies provides!

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