PET Technologies develops exclusive bottle design for local craft brewery

PET Technologies сompany has developed unique bottle design for the brewery Bierwelle, Chernihiv, Ukraine.

PET Technologies develops exclusive bottle design for local craft brewery

Not long ago PET Technologies company started common project with neighboring located craft brewery Bierwelle, founded and fast growing in the same city of Chernihiv, Ukraine.

PET Technologies R&D department designed a PET bottle taking into consideration PET blow molding process and bottle application characteristics on the one hand and customer´s vision on the other.   In order to highlight the product authenticity, to reinforce identity the idea was to have a bottle decorated with the ancient city sightseeing views, both Bierwelle and PET Technologies birth place.

Our next step was sketches and 3D model development taking into account beer characteristics as a liquid. The blow molded bottle prototype was sent to PET Technologies laboratory for top load, burst, material distribution tests. Finally the original PET bottle design was ready.

Looking at the bottle we can see the oldest Chernihiv bridge, strategic European transport corridor since the 18th century; on the left hand of the bridge there are domes of ancient cathedrals and on the right hand the most aged still working cinema.

Bierwelle with its roots back in the year 2012 is famous among the citizens and guests of the city for a wide range of wheat, barley, pomegranate, honey and dark craft beer. These were Hungarian specialists who contributed to the local brewing masters’ virtuosity and experienced local staff who adopted the best Italian practices.

Chernihiv city where past rubs shoulders with the present, where industry merges with craftsmanship welcomes you to enjoy picturesque views, taste craft beer and visit PET Technologies plant.

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