PET Technologies helps to follow WHO hygiene guidelines

Nowadays manufacturing companies must supply food and beverages, household chemicals and sanitizers without any delay while the demand is increasing. How can PET Technologies help you?

PET Technologies helps to follow WHO hygiene guidelines

“Be supportive. Be careful. Be alert. Be kind”, says one of the posters issued by World Health Organization. Manufacturing companies are not exception. They must supply food and beverages, household chemicals and sanitizers without any delay while the demand is increasing. Packaging disposability and hygiene are the king now.

Be supportive. This is the point where PET Technologies lends its shoulder to products manufacturers. The company provides short lead-time and wide range of solutions: PET stretch blow molders and packaging equipment, blow molds and PET bottle design development. Local service teams guarantee machines operation without any downtime.

Be careful. To wash hands with alcohol based hand rub or water and soap is one of the key recommendations of the World Health Organization to the global community. The demand for sanitizers, often bottled in PET, also increases. PET Technologies helps to solve this shortage supplying PET stretch blow molders to produce containers between 100 ml and 40 L with output up to 14 000 bph.  

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Be alert. This is another recommendation by World Health Organization. Each of us must follow the latest advice it provides. According to BloombergNEF, “Concerns around food hygiene due to Covid-19 could increase plastic packaging intensity”. Thus, PET containers applications might expand. Thanks to flexibility, PET Technologies can provide not standard application of its blow molders. Our recent project with Rez-Tech Corporation (the United States) is an example.

Be kind. Only 3 days a person can survive without water. Meanwhile, 1 in 3 people globally don’t have access to safe drinking water, according to WHO report. PET bottles is one of the cheapest ways to supply clean aqua to the most remote corners. Their consumption is growing drastically now. The capacity varies between 200 ml and 40 L. PET Technologies can help you to choose the blow molder that meets your demand, whether it is 2 L bottle, 10 L bottle or 5 US gallon water cooler bottle.

Let’s be safe and smart! It is challenging now to keep supermarket shelves full. This leads to manufacturing facilities expansion, while sanitizers or water demand increases. PET Technologies will help you to choose optimal PET stretch blow molding solution or develop an attractive PET bottle design.

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