A rare PET bottle for craft beer

The details of a new project implemented in cooperation with brewery Bierwelle and its result: the elegant, ergonomic and strong plastic bottle

A rare PET bottle for craft beer

“Beer … a high and mighty liquor,” said Guy Julius Caesar, a famous beer lover. The roots go back to ancient civilizations who enjoyed the drink. The manufacturing process evolved. Long ago beer was brewed only for own consumption, and later – to commercialize. The containers, where people used to fill it, now reflect the evolution.

Beer and PET? Today, beer in a plastic bottle is common for some countries, and turns out to be innovation for others. In certain areas it is at its dawn. Nevertheless, this type of packaging has several advantages!

A PET bottle shining as if glass? This is about a PET bottle with glass properties. It is the same transparent, but unbreakable. It is resistant and easy to transport. It is recyclable for other applications meanwhile its carbon footprint is lower in comparison with glass. PET Technologies joint project with Bierwelle brewery proves it.

What do the companies have in common? First of all, experience and technology. Technology to produce the malty beverage and technology to blow mold containers for its logistics and distribution. An elegant and resistant amber PET bottle is the point where two coordinates meet.

beer pet bottle

Aesthetic pleasure? This is the first thing we feel looking at 450 ml Bierwelle bottle. PET Technologies R&D developed the design; meanwhile the decoration elements reflect the brewery’s corporate identity. Thus, we pay attention to the font used to write the brand name. We can also “read” the key ingredients of the foamy drink.

How to “create” it? Bierwelle craft brewery manufacturing facilities are equipped with the universal PET stretch blow molding machine UPF-5. It produces 31,4 g PET bottles under pressure 25 bar.  The tests, carried out at PET Technologies laboratory, show excellent results: the bottle resists without any deformation the internal pressure of 7 – 8 bar!

Where do the origins go? An elegant amber-colored PET bottle is our second project with Bierwelle. Previously, we developed an “authentic” container decorated with the views of ancient city Chernihiv, the brewery birthplace.

Thanks to Bierwelle and PET Technologies tandem, today each of us can choose the type foamy drink that tastes better; quench thirst, keeping an ergonomic PET bottle in hands. Would you prefer honey beer or wheat beer?

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