Bottle blow molding machine flexibility to reduce downtime

“Blow molding machine flexibility to reduce downtime”, this is the title of the article about PET Technologies at Soy Industria magazine. Its geography covers Latin America. The author speaks about the last generation of bottle stretch blow molding machine APF-Max. What does he highlight?

  • Easy change for another neck finish between 18 and 48 mm;
  • Wide range of bottle formats between 0.2 – 3.0 l;
  • Blow mold quick change;
  • Modular concept that permits to increase the number of cavities after machine purchase

These characteristics make the bottle blow molding machine attractive for PET bottles converters; water and CSD, vegetable oil and vinegar, household chemicals and cosmetics, dairy products and sauces manufactures. The first machines are already in full operation in several plants!


Source: SOY INDUSTRIA, February 2019

Post date. 2-11-2019

PET Technologies at Latin American digital editions

Mentions of PET Technologies at Latin American mass media are a mirror that reflects the major facts about the company in 2018. They speak about our latest technological developments and achievements, events and projects.

The 4th generation of PET stretch blow molders APF-Max is among the key topics. The machine output is 14 000 bph, 0.2 – 3.0 L. The Brazilian packaging edition Embalagem Marca highlights the European technology that has recently arrived to Brazil. The full article is available following the link.

This May PET Technologies has participated at NPE2018 in Orlando, the United States. We exhibited there automatic PET stretch blow molding machine APF-3002 that had already been sold to the customer in Arizona. What are the highlights of digital mass media?

Latin American industry edition Tecnología del Plástico explains why this machine with output 3000 bph is so popular among food and beverages, dairy products and vegetable oil, chemicals and cosmetics manufactures. The full article is available following the link.

Plastics Technology Mexico points out the last generation of SBM machines APF-Max we brought to the market. Its flexibility and modular system are the features the edition mentions. You can easily transform 4-cavity modification into 8-cavity! The full article is available following the link.

Original bottles design developed by PET Technologies continues to attract mass media attention. It is a wide neck jar for gravity waterer for our pets. It is a PET bottle that shines as if it were glass. What makes them unique?

Several editions explain it.

Latin American industry edition Ambiente Plástico resumes that the waterer is a fruit of the advanced technology combined with the injected bases. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable. The full article is available following the link.

Food News Latam published an article with the title A Unique Project of PET Technologies and AQUA-PREMIUM Reflects Ukrainian Traditions. What are the elements of PET bottle that have cultural value? The full article is available following the link.

Post date. 12-28-2018

Details that create design

Central American magazine Soy Industria has published an overview of original PET bottles that we developed. The majority of the containers our customers produce at universal PET stretch blow molding machines made by PET Technologies.

The editor highlighted three projects: wide-neck PET jar for Moderna Products nv (the United States), PET bottles for ketchup Chumak and for premium water AQUA-PREMIUM (Ukraine). ¿Why do they attract attention?

Moderna Products nv uses wide-neck jars for gravity waterers for pets. They produce the thick-wall containers at universal PET stretch blow molder UPF-30b.

AQUA-PREMIUM Company now fills water in 500 ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml PET bottles. PET Technologies task was to adapt the existing glass bottle to PET material properties. We successfully carried out the project and now premium segment water is available in PET.

Chumak Company bottles its ketchup in PET containers developed in cooperation with PET Technologies. They manufacture the packaging at universal stretch blow molder UPF-5 and export the product, saturated with Ukrainians sunrays, to Scandinavian countries.


Source: SOY INDUSTRIA, December 2018

Post date. 12-21-2018

Canadian Plastic on PET Technologies

An article named “PET Technologies is making inroads in the U.S.” has been recently published on Canadian Plastic website. It covers PET Technologies expansion in America.

Focus of the publication is a joint project of PET Technologies and MODERNA Products nv company, a manufacturer of pet products – gravity fed water bowl. At the beginning of 2018 universal blowmolding machine UPF-30 was installed at the company’s plant in Gaffney, South Carolina. It is second blow molding machine PET Technologies has exported to the United States, the pioneer was an automatic blowing machine APF-3002 with a productivity of up to 3000 bottles per hour for bottle capacity of 0,2-2 liters, installed at a customer plant in Arizona.

In addition, successful sales of PET Technologies blow molding equipment in Mexico and Canada are noted.

Read the text of an article here.

canadian plastic on pet technologies

Post date. 12-17-2018

Reaching Americas: from bud to vivid flowers

What countries of the American continent PET Technologies blow molders have reached this year?

Central American magazine Soy Industria provides a reply in the article. The United States, Mexico and Brazil are among them. The material also contains explanation why the customers made the decision in favor of PET technologies stretch blow molders. It also highlights the models they chose.

In what other countries of the New World our stretch blow molders are in full operation? Undoubtedly, these are Argentina, Canada and Suriname.


Source: SOY INDUSTRIA, November 2018

Post date. 11-21-2018

PET keg technology

PET keg technology. This is the title of the article  PETplanet Insider  has published about PET Technologies at November issue.  Brau Beviale 2018, where we traditionally participate, is its special topic.  What will we bring there?

For the first time ever PET Technologies will present a complete system to prepare PET kegs. These containers are suitable for breweries, as well as wine, cider or cold brew coffee. They are lightweight and non-returnable.

What are the components of complete system to prepare PET kegs?


Source: PETplanet Insider No 11, 2018

Post date. 11-5-2018

Ukrainian magazine “Beer. Technologies and Innovations” published an article about PET Technologies Conference

An article about 4th International PET Technologies Conference, which took place on September 21st, 2018 in the city of Chernihiv was published in Ukrainian magazine about beer industry “Beer. Technologies and Innovations”

Title of the article states “The future is for PET packaging: at the IV International Conference, PET Technologies presented a unique machine that will save money of PET packaging producers”. The text itself highlights the key points of the conference – speeches on modern trends of packaging industry. Speakers of the Conference were representatives of leading PET packaging production companies, such as Retal, Index-6, Thermo-Pack, as well as representatives of PET Technologies Company.

In addition, the text highlights PET Technologies unique features: full production cycle, reliability, delivery time guarantee and innovative approach to production.

Special attention was paid to innovative automatic blow molding machine APF-Max and its unique features, because its presentation along with a tour of the production facilities and office building was the final point of the conference program.

Read the full article


Post date. 10-26-2018

Ambiente Plástico: close to glass but with improved properties

This is a brief description of PET Technologies and AQUA-PREMIUM recent project at Latin America industry magazine Ambiente Plástico. The material with the title “Elegance in the Bottle” was published in the last edition. It is about a PET bottle decorated with the elements of the Ukrainian culture.

PET Technologies task was to adapt a glass bottle to PET material properties. We did it! Now AQUA-PREMIUM has an elegant bottle and fills it with premium class water. Now all the plastics-lovers can find out the details of the project.


Source: Ambiénte Plástico, August – September 2018, Number 88

Post date. 9-24-2018

PETPlanet Insider about PET Technologies: “The impossible, of course, may take a little longer!”

This is the title of the article about PET Technologies in PETPlanet Insider. It provides an overview of the 4th generation of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max. Worth to highlight that the material is in “bottle making” section of the magazine.

The article contains several APF-Max features that our first customers already benefit:

  • Quick change and flexibility
  • NIR heating system and low total installed power
  • All-electric configuration
  • New design and user-friendly interface

What does each characteristic stand for? Read the article and find out the details!


Source: PETplanet Insider Vol. 19 Issue 9/2018

Post date. 9-6-2018

The journal of blow molding published an article about PET Technologies

In the «Innovation Focus» section of an August issue of The journal of blow molding magazine an article titled “PET Technologies launches Blitz on the Americas was published.

An article contains the history of PET Technologies entering American market and paertnership with Sopro Machinery LLC, who is an exclusive distributor of our equipment in America.

In addition, thanks to an interview with Vladimir Tsallagov – PET Technologies Export Director, article highlights the release of the 4th generation of APF-Max blow molding machines, company’s debut at NPE2018 and sales of equipment around the world.

Read the article

Source: The journal of blow molding

Issue: August 18

Page 19-20

Post date. 8-3-2018
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