Year 2019 for PET Technologies:
people, events, achievements

Connection and community marked the year 2019 for PET Technologies. All the achievements are thanks to our team worldwide, thanks to each customer, each partner, and each supplier!

Year 2019 for PET Technologies:
people, events, achievements

In Philippines, there is New Year’s Eve tradition to put round shapes everywhere. They resemble coins symbolizing prosperity in the coming year. They stand for connection and community. Connection and community marked year 2019 for PET Technologies. All the achievements are thanks to our team worldwide, thanks to each customer, each partner, and each supplier.

20 years of success. This is PET Technologies motto in 2019. Born in 1999, the company celebrated its anniversary. During this period, our sales geography has expanded to 50 countries, while service teams are available in 4 parts of the world: Europe, Asia, North America, South America. PET Technologies manufacturing facilities are 9 000 sq.m and have full production cycle.

Company’s anniversary celebration coincided with the construction of new facilities to produce blow molds. This area is equipped with 4 – 5 axes CNC machinery centers (Deckel Maho, Doosan) used for blow molds surface treatment. It permits you to get the most sophisticated PET bottle design!

blow mold production

In October PET Technologies friends from 13 countries of the world met at PET Technologies plant to discuss the modern trends of PET market industry. The conference focus was on circular economy and PET bottle design. At the end of the conference all the participants visited the manufacturing facilities to see APF-30 blow molder in operation: it was producing 30 l PET kegs and water cooler bottles!

Global community. In 2019, our team reached the distance seven time as long as the diameter of Earth to meet each of you! Our PET Expo Tour started in Russia (Moscow) where we participated at Milk and Dairy Exhibition. The Russian route continued with Agroprodmash expo in October. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean 3 times to bring PET stretch blow molding solutions to EXPO PACK Guadalajara in Mexico, Fispal Tecnologia in Brazil and the PACK EXPO Las Vegas in US. The last stop were Gulfood Manufacturing in the United Arab Emirates and BrauBeviale, Nuremberg, Germany.

pet technologies team

Geographical expansion rubs shoulders with new applications for PET stretch blow molding machines. Could you imagine PET tumblers produced from preform? This is about PET Technologies joint project with Clasmade (the United States). On the other hand, equipment steady operation and its simplicity continue to attract customers from all over the world. Recent installations in Mexico, Hawaii, Czech Republic and Kyrgyzstan prove it. Not to mention new markets “discovered” in 2019 – China, Nicaragua, Qatar and Jordan!

PET glass

Design. PET bottles design. Machinery design. Plant design. It became the keynote for PET Technologies in 2019. Can you imagine a bottle that reflects the beverage it contains and its origins? It could be an amber PET bottle for beer that withstands up to 8 bar internal pressure or a premium water bottle decorated with cultural elements. Both of them resemble glass!

Now 3rd generation PET stretch blow molders APF-3002 and APF-6004 reflect our corporate logotype! Its appearance is dark blue as previously was, but its doors are transparent with ultraviolet protection. It has become more flexible in terms of neck finish change!  Do you want to see the machine in operation?

apf 3002

Affordable and flexible, universal PET stretch blow molders UPF-5, UPF-10 and UPF-30 are now equipped with PLC Schneider Electric and touch screen. You can easily set up all the parameters in several clicks! On the one hand, series of these simple and compact machines is an optimal solution to start your business with minimal investment. On the other hand, it is a perfect alternative for your laboratory to test various blow molds and bottles designs!

Seeing is believing. When we are talking about machinery, its importance triples. You can see a blow molder at PET Technologies booth at one of the international exhibitions. You can come to our plant in Europe. We can arrange meeting at one of our customers´ facilities. The easiest way is to start with watching a video at PET Technologies YouTube channel. Let´s do it now and find out why the range of PET Technologies blow molders reflects show jumping!

Watch the video!

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