Universal semiautomatic blow molding machine for PET jars with neck diameter up to 90 mm and volume up to 2l, output 400 bph.

Equipment type Semi-automaic
Bottle Volume, l 0,2 - 2
Output, bph up to 400 bph
Your product Milk and dairy products, Household & automotive, Other

Unique features

Semiautomatic blow molding machine for cans and jars production UPF-5B, volume up to 2l.

All the machines meet norms and directives of the European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, have certificates of conformity to CIS countries standards.

Universal and flexible - ideal to start business

Technical data


Output 350-400 bph*
Bottle volume 0,2 – 2,0 l
Neck diameter 53-90 mm
Blowing pressure 15 bar
Low pressure 8-10 bar
Low and high pressure air demand 0,9 m³/min for bottle 1.5 l
Cooling liquid temperature 7-9 °С
Voltage supply 400 V / 50 Hz
Installed power 8 kW
Overall dimensions 1600 х 600 х 2200mm

1200 х 600 х 1100mm

Weight ~ 500 + 220 kg
*for bottle volume 0.2-2.0l, jars

Media about UPF-5B

27 Nov 2019
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28 Feb 2019
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